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A Musical Conversation


Resident Dragon
Hi folks!

This game is one you've probably heard of before. Playing is easy - using only a song title, you need to continue the story, the first line of which will NOT be a song title, but will be posted below. The more the song title makes sense in relation to the song title before and/or the story, the better. :) Try not to use a song title someone has already used. :D

As a side note, songs that have an extended name, such as the one I've used to start us off, are perfectly acceptable in either Title (eg. Escape), Extended Title (eg. The Pina Colada Song), or combined, such as below. :) Each separate form is considered a separate title so you can use Escape or The Pina Colada Song in a future post should you wish to. :D


He'd had a bad day and just needed something to make him feel better.

Escape (The Pina Colada Song)