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Activity Contest!


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Resource Team
Salutations everyone! With the huge merge I feel it's time to do another contest! This contest will be almost a permanent ongoing event, other than the main winner. I will be randomly giving people who are active free steam games, as well as some Xy$ which you can redeem for some cool stuff.

The main prize however, is what's going to be the big deal. I will be choosing one person who is active at random to win a full website created by me. I have over 10 years of website development experience, and I will sit down and make you your very own website free of charge. This can be either for your game, gaming company, or your own personal website. It doesn't matter. You can chose to have it a website, blog, or forum as well.

The only thing you have to do, is be active on the site. Make posts, make topics, make status' updates, and other forms of activity. The more active you are however, the higher chance you have to win. So keep that in mind. This website contest will end on 8/01/2019


Troctzul: Father, RPG Maker, Conqueror of Worlds
A new website you say? With that, I can finally realize my dreams of world domination... I mean... sounds cool