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AMA! This looks fun.


Towns Guard
What is your life story?
My life story : Pretty normal life got involved with video games when I was 5 on the NES, my first console was the N64 which I received for a birthday gift when I was eight. (still in great shape, still works) I got involved in music writing and reading when I was seven after my second grade teacher realized I had very harsh bully issues in elementary school though not just from other students. At that point I learned to read music and learned to play piano, moved over to viola for a couple years. Music is the only thing that really helps life in my world at any given point and situation. Seventh grade rolls around, I learn to play tenor saxophone. Age sixteen, I pick up a guitar. Age twenty, I am given a saxophone for myself and a clarinet. The instruments keep growing, last two instruments added to the collection were a banjo and a toy piano. Almost all of my instruments are shown here. And the list grows. There's a lap harp sitting off to another wall I forgot to get in the picture.
Also at age 20, I learned html, css, and java, 2016 graduated college with associate degree in graphic arts. I work for myself and for a large grocery store chain on grave yard shift. I've developed insomnia and have a very hard time trying to sleep at all. I am stuck in a less than ideal living situation. Frequently sleepless is how I tend to work anymore and it's kind of at a degree that even I'm not a friend to. On top of a gaming addiction, I have an addiction to caffeine.