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Arcana Legends: Judgement [Demo]



A young prince out to save his kingdom. A woman who yearns to learn more about the world and her mysterious past. Although they travel together for different reasons they will embark on an adventure to not only save the world, but also to discover themselves and what they fight for.


Jasoulian Graldaia Alexandrian IV, aka Jason: Prince of the Lotus Kingdom, next in line for the throne. 19 years of age, a bit of a brat at times. Wants to prove that he isn't a softhearted royal that people make him out to be. Due to the recent events that befell his kingdom, Jason travels with his vessal to find a way to save his kingdom and reclaim the
throne. Secretly finds bad puns hilarious. Favorite choice of weapon is the Two-Handed Blade. Fighting style focuses on all out offensive skills and Runes and debuffing enemy's offenses and defenses. Can use swords and shield.

Evelyn Calious: Young woman from Killita Village. 23 years of age, loves to help people in anyway she can. Due to being raised in a quiet forest village all her life, she is very naive of the reality of the world. Her father passed away 7 years prior and she never knew her mother. Oddly obssesed with jewls and gold and rarely spends her money. She also has a low alcohol tolerance and is a horrible drunk. Favorite weapon is the Rapier. Focuses on drawing aggro and counterattacking. Can use sword/shield & spears.

Reya: A natural hunter and master of the bow. 24 years of age, a bit cynical and slightly pessimistic, but tries to do the right thing when she can. Several years ago she appeared in

the village as a passerby. After meeting Evelyn and starting a romantic relationship with her, Reya decided to stay in the village and help protect it from the threat of wild monsters that stalk the forest. Has an profound weakness for sweet cakes and candies. Favorite weapon is Bow & Arrows. What she lacks in raw power she makes up for in dextority and cunning. She has the abillity to lay traps to slow, stop, damage, and inflict status ailments. She can also cook food and mix herbs. Can also use daggers and spears.

Saphire: An enigmatic scholar that knows more then he let's on. ??? years of age, sarcastic and always level headed, under the smiling masks lies a mischievous imp. He's staying at the village inn and goes up to the mountains to conduct his experiments and studies. Takes board games very seriously. Weapon of choice are Focus Rings. Spellcaster, but is still a
decent physical attacker. Can manipulate elements and rune spells uniquely that the other party members cannot like forming physical weapons out of fire or ice. Can manipulate certain elements in the environments to make bridges or change the temperature. Uses books, staves, and spears in combat.

~Battlesystem & Mechanics~

Although battles are not as frequent as in other games, every fight is a battle to the death and your opponents won't go easy on you. The key to victory is how prepared you are before battle. Skills and Rune Spells are tied to your equipment rather then learning them over time. So what you bring into battle determines the outcome. Skills require Stamina, or SP, to use Skills. If you use up all of your Stamina, then you will pass out and lose the battle. You can use Food or Potions to maintain and recover SP. Spells are tied to your equipment and the Runes you attach to them. Spells requires the use of Ether. You can maintain your Ether Points, or EP, with Food, Potions or with skills like Focus or Guard. When you select the Attack command you can use a follow-up attack by using the Z, X and the Directional Keys* to input the correct command. Depending on the type of weapon you use, you can attack multiple times in a row.


Synthesize Your Armoury - Use various items to add magical properties to your weapons and armours like elements, stat boosts and Rune spells to accommodate to your playstyle.

Cook Delicious Meals And Brew Powerful Potions- Use base ingredients to make elaborate meals and mystical potions that not only recover health, but also add beneficial effects like health regain and temporary stat boosts.

Goddess's Gifts** - Once you recover the Goddess's Amulet, you'll be able to add an extra layer of challenge to normal enemy battles. Clear a battle without using magic, defeat all enemies within a certain time limit, and eliminate your foes with certain skills are only a few ways to change up the battles. Clear these conditions and the Goddess will gift you with extra Food, Runes, and rare items.

Heart to Heart** - Interact with the characters to learn more about them and even learn new skills and gain stat boosts.\\

*Default Keyboard Setup

**Not Present In The Current Demo Version










Katakura Hibiki








JDB Artist


Kain Vinosec

D.C. Kairi Sawler

FRontier Works

Elijah Mills








Sasuke Kaninazuki







Jeneeus Guruman


-Special Thanks


Ms Littlefish

Alexander Amnell



Super Special Thanks to Maliki79 for the HP Recover plugin!

[Copyright](C) 2012 Kain Vinosec

[Copyright](C) 2013 JDB Artist

[Copyright](C) 2013 D.C. Kairi Sawler

[Copyright](C) 2014 Darkraven Fantasy Soundscapes

(C) 2014 Katakura Hibiki
Distributed and published by DEGICA Co., LTD

(C) 2014 Frontier Works
Distributed and published by DEGICA Co., LTD

[Copyright](C) 2014 ENTERBRAIN, INC;
artist: Celianna

[Copyright](C) 2015 ENTERBRAIN, INC; artist Celianna


~Notes On The Demo~

This is a very early stage of the game and is susceptible to changes before the final product. All names, music and graphics are not final and this demo may not reflect the final product. This is a very early build and all comments and suggestions of the demo ill be taken into consideration for each build of the demo. Please report any bugs or inconsistencies in the comment section below. Thanks for your feedback and be sure to follow the developer on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord to keep up to date with the development process.




Isaac The Red

Towns Guard
OK so played your Demo a bit, ran into troubles, but heres a video of me playing your game, don't take my words too critically, but I hope seeing your game through my eyes helps you progress in building your game! Iron out some kinks and give me a poke I'll be glad to replay the demo when the knots are untied and things are running smooth. Good Luck!

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Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I've went through the comments and it seems I uploaded an older version by accident. I would just send out the data file, but I've touched up some of the graphics so it would make sense to wait until the weekend to upload the proper version.