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Areas of Development


Resident Dragon
Hey folks,

During the development of your games, do you find that areas you excel in, tend to be so easy for you that you feel that you haven't done much at all? Conversely, do the areas you have the most difficulty with feel like real work and after what seems like ages you discover you haven't done much at all?

I find that I seemingly excel at databases and it feels like I've done not much in comparison to someone like @LTN Games who keeps pumping out plugins.

What are your thoughts guys?

LTN Games

Master Mind
Resource Team
I believe your specialty skill is the easiest and feels like it requires no work at all for example last year when I first started writing plugins it took me about 2-3 weeks to write the Window Pop plugin, if I were to write that today, I could finish it in 1 maybe 2 days.
See for you, when it comes to database work you seem to just know how to get things organized and then entered into the database without any effort. Now give me the same database work and I'll take a long time, I have a hard time figuring out how to organize the database, thinking up names, figuring out traits etc.
Now when it comes to mapping for me, I can whip up a few maps in just and hour then work on the details in the next 30mins and have some epic af and well-done maps, then other people will have a hard time making maps or take a longer time because they don't have the same skillset or inspiration with mapping.
In the end it all relies on how much you enjoy doing one thing over the other, I love mapping and I love programming, eventing, database and even generating character I'm not so fond of, I can do it, it's easy but it doesn't mean I like it and when I do any of them I find it takes longer because I'm doing something I don't like as much as my other skills.

This message turned out to be a jumble of thoughts because I was called away from it a few times, anyways, get from it what you can, cheers.

Companion Wulf

Lone Wolf
Writing, of course, is an area I excel in and have no problems creating stories or plots. When it comes to translating them into a workable game format, the difficulties for me mostly lie in creating the graphics. I seem to spend more time on that than anything else because, to the perfectionist OCD mind, characters have to be just right.

Although I haven't announced it publicly, I've still managed to work substantially on Otherworld, but it seems as though nothing's been done to it. Updates seem rather trivial. This includes its plugins. Those I've written outside of Otherworld, I haven't released at all. It's fairly easy for me to write plugins, but sometimes difficulties arise from recognising certain limitations I have. I grew up in an age where JavaScript was partly associated with websites specifically, working in tandem to create such things as a countdown clock or music player. Sadly, I never pursued it beyond that, although my knowledge of JS is far more extensive than RGSS and I spend less comparative time researching how to do something.

It's the same with maps. They're not my strong point to begin with, but I spend more time on them, seemingly without actually having accomplished much with them.
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