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Best and Worst RPG Titles of PS1!


Residential Vampire
I'll list my top 10 best (and some honorable mentions) and my top 5 worst on the console~ PS1 had some of my favorite RPGs of all time. ^ u^

1. (BEST) Star Ocean: The Second Story (fav game of all time)
- These next three are pretty much a 3-way tie-
2. Thousand Arms
3. Lunar: Silver Star Story
4: Lunar 2: Eternal Blue
5. Wild Arms
6. Threads of Fate
7. Dragon Warrior VII
8. Legend of Legaia
9. Rhapsody: A musical Adventure
10. Grandia

Honorable Mentions~: Suikoden (series), Tales Of (series), Wild Arms 2, Hoshigami

Top 5 WoRsT Garbage of the PS1!

1. (WORST) PersoNO
2. PersoNO 2
3. Chrono Cross (I need a insulting name/pun/something for this one XD)
4. Fail Fantasy VII
5. Fail Fantasy VIII

DIShonorable Mentions~: Parasite Eve (series), Breath of Fire (series), Any other Fail Fantasy

*NOTE: I only rank a game if I have played all or most of it. All of my rankings came from my own experiences. I don't, and never will, look at game reviews. I think for myself. :>