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Change Certain Map Part Within Game?


Towns Guard
OK, let me first clarify I'm not sure whether this needs to be in this section or the scripting section, or both (but posting this twice would seem unreasonable)

If any of you are familiar with the Animal Crossing series, you will be aware of house upgrades, these allow for larger houses and also visual changes to the interior and exterior. I was wondering if such a thing was possible in MV.

Understandable, the interior mapping would be rather easy as it is a separate map to the exterior. The problem lies with the exterior - say the house is in a town, would it be possible to only change that small part of the map, because if you where to change the entire map, then other characters may not behave the same or may even get 'reset' so to speak. I do hope I am making some sense!

My mind has just thought of parallax mapping. Maybe I have solved my own problem... but then again maybe not and someone may have a different solution/answer.

Thanks :)


Towns Guard
I believe there's a "region map loader" plugin that meets your needs.
Haven't used it myself, but looks like what you need.
Let's you change specific tiles on the map to different tiles.