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Darkside Chronicles

What side are you?

  • Chaos (You proceed through as Ventex's Ally to cause Chaos)

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In a world where humans were blessed by the Elders of Magic. Those gifted are called Divinities. Divinities control the very aspect of magic from elemental attacks to curses, hexes and more. Everything has a good and bad side. For Stella Mason things can only get worse. From training in the Salice Mountains to returning to burned down academy. Forces of bad and good turn heel as everyone you think you can trust is a Darkside. Darksides are the corrupted divinities that choose Red Death over the Blue Light. Red Death and Blue Light are substances consumed either by drink or food. Red Death turns those good into corrupted individuals, creating chaos. Blue Light purifies the corruption and creates order. You, your a newly blessed Divinity and its your choice to follow your path. Which side are you? Order or Chaos?