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Digimon Story: Data Wars!

Digimon Story: Data Wars is a Digimon fangame made with RPG maker MV. Here are some features for the game.

-[In the works.]Each Digimon has their own stats, and can equip different things.
-[Completed]A Quest system that keeps track of your Union and Species Quests.
-{Completed]A Pokemon style capture system! Add new and powerful Digimon to your party!
-[Needs help]An Evolution system similar to the Pokemon Games! Digivolve your Digimon to more powerful forms.
-{Completed]Battle the Digi-Colosseum and raises your Tamer rank!
-More features will be revealed sooner or later.

-Plot: After a 5 year gap between the Digital and Human worlds. A science group known as the Digital Foundation managed to reopen the gate. As so the main staff for the project were sent to find people to send to the Digital world. Your Teacher who is part of the Foundation picks you and your best friends, Steven and Maria. Once in the Digital World, you meet the D.T.U and is given a starter Digimon. But then Data City's main Computer detects a strange energy source. From a distant Digi-Area.

Title Screen.png
Battle 2.png


Meet new people.png

New Video!
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Ohh, I'll be keeping my eye on this. I've always loved digimon. It'll be interesting to see where you take this!