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Completed Dirt / Swamp tileset


I have plans on doing one for a friend, but at the moment I can't. When I am done with it I will upload it. It will take some time.


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You can't make them in the engine itself lol, but there are various places to find some decent swamp trees/plants at least. As Avery mentioned, Maru has a good selection of trees and a few plants for it. WhteDragon (over on rpgmakerweb) has several of the critters that exist in a swamp (croc, frogs, dragonflies, etc.) already made up. In addition to those, I believe you can find another tileset of swamp themed stuff on rpgmakerweb as well (someone also turned those into doodads if you're using that doodads plugin to make parallax type maps).

But yeah, currently there's not a huge selection on swamp stuff just yet. I think it's one of Jodis' upcoming sets though, which should turn out quite nicely too xP. I might end up making some "moss" to place on some of those swamplike trees at some point too if you want to just transform some trees and rocks into swampy looking too. xD Hope all that helps in some way lol