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Plugin DK Core Localization Demo


Towns Guard
Title: DK Core Localization
Version: 0.4 BETA
Supported languages: Russian, English

Requirement for plugin
Availability of working plugin DKCore version 1.81 or above

Each language uses its own Database
+Changing the language settings in the game
+The ability to use common files in folders:audio, data, img, movies

-Each language uses its own Database

  1. Copy the plugins folder js / plugins demo folder in your project. Installation priority: DKCore, DKCore_Localization, DKCore_Plugin_Translation (optional). Customize them.
  2. Create a folders in the data folder, as in the screenshot (the names correspond with the names of locales)
The files in the data folder in the game will not be used any more! (Unless you have set up sharing folders in plugin parameters). They are used in the program. When you changing something in the database in the Maker do not forget to copy the changes to the locale folder!



DKCore_Plugin_Translation plugin is used for the translation of texts in other plugins.
For example, use DK_Continue_In_Menu plugin that adds a command to continue in the game menu, but only in one language. If you change the language DK_Plugin_Translation plugin changes the text according to their settings within the file.
DKCore_Plugin_Translation plugin does not work with all the texts in the other plugins. Also, I try to fix it.

Download Demo from DropBox: DropBox


I don't understand Russian, and the videos cannot be translated. I will try to understand this plugin, but it would've been much simpler if all was in English, a language spoken by just about every body, here. (My first language is French, by the way.)