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DoubleX RMMV Equip Prerequisites v1.01g

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DoubleX submitted a new resource:

DoubleX RMVXA Equip Prerequisites - Lets users add various prerequisites for equipments to actors

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// * Equip Notetags: //
// 1. <armor req: id> //
// - Sets that equip to need an equipped armor with id id to be //
// equipped //
// 2. <stat req: stat, operator, val> //
// - Sets that equip to need the owner's stat stat to meet the //
// operator operator and value val to be equipped //
// - stat can be any Parameter, Ex-Parameter, Sp-Parameter, hp, mp, //
// tp, level, hpRate, mpRate and tpRate //
// - (Advanced)stat can also be...
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v1.01d(GMT 1600 6-11-2015):
1. Simplified the notetag reading mechanisms
2. Fixed some typos
v1.01c(GMT 1200 5-11-2015):
1. Fixed undefined this under DoubleX_RMMV.Equip_Prerequisites bug
v1.01b(GMT 0000 5-11-2015):
1. Fixed failing to load notetags due to nil data bug
v1.01a(GMT 1000 4-11-2015):
1. Added <no weapon req: id>, <no armor req: id> and <weapon req: id> notetags
2. Fixed several logic and syntax errors
3. Increased this plugin's maintainability
v1.01e(GMT 1200 24-11-2015):
1. Fixed unsupported arrow function in ES5 bug
2. The extended functions can be accessed by other custom plugins now
3. Notetags with invalid operators will log message on console instead
4. Increased this plugin's readability and robustness
v1.01g(GMT 0100 18-1-2016):
1. <stat req: stat, operator, val> only support battler getters
2. Fixed Number is not a function bug
v1.01f(GMT 0300 17-1-2016):
1. Fixed undefined variable req bug
2. Exposed this plugin's equip manipulation plugin calls
3. Increased this plugin's compactness, compatibility and readability
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