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Epic Conjurer, Composer.

Hey guys!

I know I'm still new here and that nobody knows me yet, but hopefully you'll consider me a part of your awesome community in time. I'd like to offer any of the music that I've made for free, and to showcase the kinds of stuff that I can make if anybody needs some custom Epic or Fantasy Music. I can also make Electronic Sci Fi stuff if needed although there are only a couple of Electronic songs on my Soundcloud as I tend to just make Epic Orchestral or Cinematic stuff.

If anybody needs help with custom music for Epic Fantasy to Sci Fi, or anything else for that matter just let me know and I'll happily make something for you, I am not asking for money at all, just a simple name in the credits is all I ask.

Here's one of my songs so you get the idea of what kind of Composer I am, if you want to use it or any of my songs send me a message, or if you want anything else made specifically I'll be happy to help.




Wow, your work is definitely epic! Was just wondering do you mainly work on epic tracks or are you able to compose orchestral tracks like main themes or atmospheric pieces?