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Everything corrupted...

Alice Bunny

Most of the JSON files in my current project corrputed and say NULL in the code. What happened...? Everything I've been working so hard on is gone...is there anything I can even do now?

This is actually a fairly common error in rpgmaker MV, at least-- if i think it's the one you say.
Make a new project, copy all json files and audio / graphic resources etc. from your old one.

Sometimes the game.exe or application launcher get a bug in them that stops them from functioning as intended.

A less sure fire but alternative solution is to copy all the base plugins (including libs and such) into your project from the rtp folder along with the fresh game.exe.

If you have no luck with any of that. Then take it as a lesson, always back up your projects.


I second the backing up of your projects. I suggest getting either a Mega (50gb), Dropbox (15gb), or Google Drive (15gb) so you can back up your files B.