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Extra stuff based on RPGMMV character generator made

Basically, I want to have the character portraits and sprites I made using MV's character maker have some better "emotions" than what's currently possible with the parts. Being terrible at art, I still want to use the built-in stuff (hoping people can look past mostly-default graphics if the story is good (also hoping people think it is)) to keep things simple but not having the range of emotion-portraits needed for the story just kinda bugs me. Someone you know being brutally murdered by a monster shouldn't result in an "ow, I stubbed my toe" face, ya know? That and mismatched eyebrows for making someone look angry is kinda weird.
Along with that just some basic sitting, laying down, jumping, etc. sprites would help make things a little more dynamic. Everything feels a little lifeless with what little manipulation can be done without actually having different sprites. Final Fantasy VI would feel a lot different without all it's various "pose" sprites for the characters, as an example.

Someone might mention it but I did try my hand at using some sprite templates and edits to the character portraits but... My lack of art skill made every portrait just... no and that combined with not quite knowing how a sprite should "shift" for different poses just looked garbage-y. Like, looking up should be easy (I assume) but even though I can picture that, actually making it look correct and like the rest of the sprites is way beyond my skill level. That level is "can draw a circle that's almost round but not really".

I'm not sure how the character generator stuff works with RPG Maker's licensing or whatever but if that will somehow not be possible, I'd be okay with them being remade based off the current design so long as it's not too far from the RPG Maker MV look (to be consistent with the other NPC character sprites).

I'm also fine with them either being free or paid. I can put the sprites and stuff I made with the generator if/when someone actually wants to do this.