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Fate Core?

I've seen a few posts in the past about trying to convert D&D rules for RM games; has anyone tried this with Fate?

I've been experimenting with this over the last few weeks and have managed to make some progress with the "Stress" levels over traditional hit/mana/tech points, Aspects being used as Skills, Consequences as States, etc but wondering if this is something that anyone else has tried before- and if so, whether they'd like to share their knowledge or otherwise get involved in my project.

With regards to the stress levels, I've converted the battle system to make use of this instead of points, including the required refresh at the start of every encounter. Further to that I've also tweaked the core script around TP points so that they're more like HP/MP points without the random number generator.


Thoughts/prayers/comments welcome!
So... I started what seemed like a simple task a few months back and it has spiralled into a mammoth overhaul of virtually every aspect of RMMV.

Over the next few weeks (/months/years) I'll be updating this post on the various elements of the system I've adapted, how I've done it, and why, with a view to hopefully assisting others in similar attempts and to also solicit some feedback on anything I could be doing better/differently.

As it currently stands I've managed to-

  • Convert the RMMV HP/MP/TP stats to (mostly) mirror the stress tracks in Fate Core. This involved initially capping each of these at 5, and allowing them to be refreshed automatically after combat.
  • Adapt the Skills system in RMMV to the Aspects of Fate Core. With the help of some @Yanfly plugins these can be called in and out of battle and can have either positive or negative effects depending on whether they are "invoked" or "compelled" as per Fate Core.
  • As with the Skills - - > Aspects conversion, I have further adapted States in RMMV to Consequences/Conditions in Fate Core.
  • For Fate Points I've made use of @Yanfly's party gauge as a mechanism to "pay" for the invocation/creation of Aspects, and to be paid when an aspect is compelled.
  • As a starting point for Fate's skills and stunts I'm using @Frogboy's Talents and Talent Traits. Further work is needed here to implement the skill pyramid from Fate but I have a few ideas for workarounds if not.
  • When it comes to the all important Fate Dice I've created a custom plugin that mirror the 4x fudge/fate dice rolls through the use of 4x random number generators to mimic 4x six sided dice, and then converted the results to - 1, 0, and 1 accordingly before reporting the result based on the Fate Ladder.
Anything I can't find a (superior) plugin for will be custom coded and added to the plugin, which I'll aim to share with the community for anyone else interested in doing this in the future.

I'll post up some screenshots and videos of the various systems in use in the coming days.