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[FINISHED]Title Screen Menu Placement?


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Long time no see forum friends!

Wish I wasn't back with a dilemma... but I am!

So, I have made a title screen and was wondering where should my options go (Start, Continue, etc)?

I have placed them in here just to show you the sizing and things. But an mot too sure how to incorporate them so the title screen does not look so... well, blank... if that's even possible since I can not really change my title screen to add anything else in.

Here is What I Am Dealing With!


Yep, there is a lot of black space... but no matter where I put them, it seems to always be like that. Just like to point out that each word is an individual object and each letter of each word is too... so all of it can be spaced out more if needed.

Thanks in Advance!
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if arrow keys navigated it, i'd animate the pulse and cycle the selected item to above the pulse line.
since touch is a thing to, maybe redraw the pulse from left to right and have it underline the selection when selecting?


Towns Guard
(I added something to the post, then deleted it due to the file not working as intended... and I KNEW i should have kept it because of how important it was...) Well, the title is animated. So doing so would mean i would have to re-jig it all to where i need it in Photoshop, save them all individually again, re make the movie (although that's not too bad as I can just flip the sequence... I think) and then get all of the timings correct...

Reason i deleted the part about it being animated was because it would automatically download the file if clicked (rather than opening and playing say, on a separate tab like I hoped it would...)

I'll attach it here anyway, In case it helps any.

Also, I don't have the options up on this yet aha. Waiting to decide on final placement before adding :) also, am I the only one who thinks the Sound Effect isn't played when the 'F' pops up? It's in the event too so maybe I'm just missing it or something aha...
[doublepost=1521064861,1521063823][/doublepost]After some thought, remembering my brother asking what if I placed them under the title, I tried that and it seems to work, sure, it keeps the attention on the right of the screen and almost feels like the screen should be cut off further in on the left... but perhaps if I find something to put in that space it would look OK?

Here's what it looks like -

Decided how best to fit in the title screen (see above spoiler. all works and looks fine) so no more input needed.

-Thread Essentially Closed-