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[FREE] Basic Character Generation


Resident Dragon
Hi folks,

I'm offering my services again, this time for Character Generation. While it is relatively simple for people to utilise the Character Generator in MV to make a bunch of different characters, it can and does take time to find that perfect combination. I can take this strain away from you by generating your characters for you, even if the characters generated are simply placeholders while official artwork is done for your game.

Information I would need in order to provide this service to you includes:

- A basic description of the character you have in mind
- Gender
- Class

In addition, any other information you'd like to provide in order to make the best possible generation would be appreciated.

You would receive the following, should you wish to utilise my services:

- Faceset (minimum 4 faces, unless otherwise stated by the client), which will include basic emotive images (neutral, happy, angry, sad). Additional faces/emotions can also be requested.
- Walking & Damage sprites
- Battle Sprites
- Any copyright info should custom parts be used.

Please remember that these will be generated by the MV Character Generator.

Please pop me a PM should you wish to discuss this service further. :D