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T. Petrichor

This is the Clearing.
These are your Companions.

There's Princess Pocket the Persian.
And Hesitate the Woodland King.
Never forget Felix the Ghost Cicada.

But you can only take one of them with you.

Step into a surreal adventure in a corrupted dream world and join one of three companions to unravel the unsettling mysteries of Hiraeth. Traveling alongside Princess Pocket the Persian, Hesitate the Woodland King, or Felix the Ghost Cicada, explore an elegant (and strangely unending) cabin frozen in antiquity as The Dreamer, and fall into an intriguing plot of dreams, memories you can never fully remember, and psychological horrors.

Hiraeth is a debut game from an as-of-yet-undecided production company consisting of two first-time developers, and long time gamers -- especially of the Horror genre. Hiraeth is being developed in RPG Maker MV, and differentiating the game from the sea of RPG Maker games is a top priority. As it is still in the early stages of development, you can expect fresh and original pixel art and tile assets in the final product, but for now I am using the beautiful art deco tiles of Cyanide.

  • Navigate the maze of your cabin in the woods -- but your cabin has never been this big ...
  • Collect keys, letters, memories that have fallen to the wayside -- or are they just dreams?
  • With your old Polaroid SX 70, and of course the help of your chosen Companion, destroy whatever (ghosts? ghouls? things that go bump in the night?) impedes your way.
  • Why are you doing this? Is there an end goal? What are these switches you keep pressing? The cranks you continue to turn? Are they changing anything at all?
  • Who keeps playing the piano?
  • Something isn't right.
Hopefully you will fall as much in love with it as we have.

Are you still dreaming?
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