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has anyone ever solved this problem? (continuous music)


i'm an old rpgmaker user from the 2k era.
at that time, one of the things that most annoyed me
was the fact that you couldn't have the map soundtrack to keep playing from where it stopped
after a battle has ended, so you kept hearing the same beginning of the track over and over with each battle.

so, more than 10 years later, has anyone been able to work something out?
i'm talking about what happens in the final fantasy series,
when you're on the map, then a battle starts, and after the battle is over you're back on the map
and the overworld theme keeps playing from where it left off when the battle started.

it's really boring to listen to the same 5-10 seconds of a song everytime the battle ends.
and this happens even in some professional games (ack!).
it's a total waste of a good soundtrack.


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so, more than 10 years later, has anyone been able to work something out?...
With MV, the Background music in interrupted during the Battle, and resumes when the Battle is over, fading back in, thus avoiding the phenomenon that you describe. On the other hand, I found the same Battle music to be rather tiring in some maps, and so arranged a random Battle music choice from a limited selection which overcame this effect easily enough. No complaints about the music system in MV from me, then.


Would it be possible to do the opposite? to resume the battle bgm with each encounter right where it left on the previous battle?