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Hello Everyone! This is an introduction for my Rpg Project in #RpgMakerMV


The project is in its very early stages so yes, I’m currently using the stock assets. For me, the best way to approach building an amazing storyline is putting together some maps and scenes. Then making a few characters will begin to shed light on exactly what kind of story it will be. Honestly, when I started this project, I was thinking of something sort of like a King Arthur sort of story spinoff (lame right?). So, when I named the project, I couldn’t think of anything amazing at the time, so I just named it Born King…Now that is already on the to change list but it’s not a priority for now. Let me talk a little about what I’m doing.

The Inner City...This is where all the people live.

I purchased the #RpgMakerMv Software about a year ago and have been trying to get a good grip on using the game engine and also getting some practice making maps and putting together an interesting story with features, twists, and other interactive goodies. Now I don’t spend all my time playing with # RpgMaker. I’m a full-time college student working towards a degree in software engineering. I’m also learning front-end web development as a JavaScript programmer. Currently, I’m heavy into chatbots and artificial intelligence right now, but that’s a topic for another video. I spend most of my time (14-16 hours per day) with my face in the screen working on some this or that that’s important to me or required (Deadlines suck!).

South Gate Harbour...This is where all the city business takes place.
Traders, merchants, and dignitaries spend their days below the South gate.

Ok, so let me tell you about my game. As I mentioned before I’ve been working on some maps, I’ve made some characters, created some basic instances and items, and from there, I’m letting the story build itself. It’s really amazing how once I have certain elements together and things start rolling, that as I’m working the right ideas just flow and my imagination comes up with all kinds of great possibilities.

One thing that I’m doing completely different in this game that I’ve never done before…..is that I’m not going to use a world map. No tiny towns and mountains. No continents to walk across in a few minutes minus random encounters every 35-45 steps or so. So, yea, no world map. The concept of this game is that everything will happen in the Capital City, sort of like London in the maybe twelfth of the fourteenth century. To that end, I’m designing a very in-depth city structure. First off, the city is really old, so the city that we were playing in is actually the new city….It’s built on the remains and ruins of older settlements that have pockets and places that can be accessed from all over the city.

Some of the caves that are accessible from the new city.

Below the city streets in this storied city, there is a network of caves and catacombs. There are even ruined shells of old buildings rotting away down in some dank chasms where none has tread for maybe several hundred years. The Inner City is chock full of cracks and crevasses that lead into the caves. You will find entryways in places you’d never expect.

So with the building of the city and some of its features (things like deciding to build a layer of catacombs under the city), I’ve begun to formulate the bare beginnings of a story. To that end, I’ve completely changed my beginning. It was a group thing that began with an interesting conversation and then quickly escalated into a fight with incoming guards. However, recent developments and decisions prompted me to do away with that scene (at least as the intro) and build a system where you can choose the player/ class you wish to play.

A screenshot of the character selection screen.

There are five player options. Owynn a Guardian is a powerful fighter with a nice bit of guard type magic. Jenna is a young mage that can manage a variety of battle and healing spells. Rodrik is a seasoned fighter who relies on his skill with swords and his quick wit to keep himself alive. Layleh is a Warrior Mage who controls a deadly magic arsenal of power. And JahRyk is a Former Fire Assassin of the Guild. He is skilled in stealth and I imagine some dark arts.

The player you choose to become will present the game to you from that characters unique pov. Each player will confront the challenges in different ways and react/ respond to different situations as well, so giving each of them a unique perspective that you can play seems very interesting to me. Also, once you choose your hero, the other players you didn’t choose will be recycled back into the game to play their respective parts. You will be in a party with them on and off. Them and other characters that will also be involved in the game. I’m going to present clues to hidden treasures and ancient mysteries. We’ll recover long-lost artifacts and explore endless caves looking for clues and the means to either rescue, avenge or replace the king.

There are going to be loads of features and I’m too easily long-winded to get into too many of them now. But I’m currently fixating on a very dynamic storyline and massive amounts of interactive items, quests, and other goodies.

If you think that hunting for secret treasures, solving a mystery, liberating the people, toppling the tyrant via hundreds (if not thousands) of missions, quests, clues to follow and tons more interactive plot twisted fun sounds interesting, then I encourage you to follow me on this journey. I'll be updating the game regularly and releasing images, videos, and story bits. I figure this time next year I’ll have something more like a game. I should at least be able to release a playable demo by then. Until then, if you guys are interested in my project, watch for new videos on my YouTube channel (coming soon) and you can find me on twitch.tv as well @ Dw-Develops.

I know I can be long winded so if you read this all the way through…Thank you!

So, thanks again for watching and reading...Here’s wishing you the passion and drive to make your own dreams a reality.