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HighSchool BeatDown

The Demo for my game. It's like what if you had beat'em up and turned it into a tactics game.

Ken and Ron are now stuck trapped in their highschool and everyone wants to capture them so they can get their $10,000 reward from the schools principal. They have to race down the 3 floor building and confront the Principal and save their girlfriends.

Hello this is a demo of a game I am working on using the Omega Modern Assets & pixel animation assets made by Final boss Blues [Copyright](C) Jason Perry. Using the plugins from both 姫HimeWorks & arleq1n. To make a game that is basically a combination of a 90’s Beat’em up mixed with final fantasy tactics.

Check out Jason’s Work here:


Check out 姫HimeWorks plugin here:

Check out arleq1n plugin here: