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How do you approach tutorials in your game?


Hello everyone. How much is too much to guiding the players thought the game system and mechanics in the general sense? How do you introduce the control keys in the players or you think expect players to know? Another way to introduce the information to the player; you could put everything on the help menu, too. It is hard to find which method is going to work all the time for most players.

Feel free to express your experience and your opinion. I am appreciated all of your input in this thread. I can learn a lot from all of you. Thank you.


I'v thought about this,
I think most people know that:
"if you press up you go up."
"If you select menu, the menu will pop up."

If you have some kind of job-point system to level up with, then you could mention that.
But personally I hate games (even on PS3-PS4 that tell me to press X to attack) I can work that stuff out my self.
So unless you have a mechanic that is a bit different (class swapping for example) I would let the player work
things out for him/her self.

A way you can dump tutorials and exposition is through books.


*You walk up to a book Shelf and see a book about changing class.*

*Would you like to read the book?*

Yes = Little text about how to change class
No = (exit event)
Burn the book! (Show battle animation of fire!)


That's what I would do (but if you do have a tutorial please make a way so I can skip it :D )