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Introduction/What's Up? + Dev help?


Heya everyone! What's good? I'm the "HatGuy"! I'm a Finnish student, and I've been using rpg maker(s) to make little fun games since VX (so not that long ago).

As of now, I've decided to make an actual full length game on the side of my other game project. I'd love it if I got some help on it. The game is a journey from normal mondaine rpg to random madness and philosophical existentialist pondering.
"But Hat Guy! Why do you need help?" You see, I'm slow. I'm a slowpoke at making graphics and other stuff. I need graphical artists and some people with more knowledge at RPG Maker, with perhaps coding skills. OK, cool. (I'd probably need to post this somewhere where they have classifieds for help...)


Staff member
We do have a MV Support section, and within that there is a subsection for plugins. We also have a Resource Request section and Recruiting section.

Hi @HatGuy , and welcome to the community. Looking forward to seeing you around.