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Killer Gin 0.9.9 (Master Particle Edition), RPG with dating and farming!!

Killer Gin

Towns Guard
(*The game is constantly being updated, all screenshots are old.)

Current Demo: 0.9.9

Demos Available: PC, MAC, Linux (mobile later)

Last Demo uploaded: 12/13/18

Official Game Page: www.killergin.com (Download PC, Mac and Linux demos)
Play Killer Gin Online! http://www.indiexpo.net/en/games/killer-gin

Story: (Quick Spoiler free)

A new race of beings, Gin, have found themselves in the center of conspiracy, intrigue, and war. Civil war between the Imperial Army and the Rederick Army has split the country into two warring factions. A small fishing village located in the middle neutral territory that has yet to feel the affects of the war, this will soon change, and this is where the story begins!

The main characters of the game are Antonio and Shinata, two Gin who are strangers to one another. Antonio fled his village after they discovered he was a Gin to protect the people that he loved. Antonio only wishes to find answers, why does the world hunt and kill Gin? Is there anywhere in the world where Gin can be safe? Shinata has a completely different upbringing than Antonio. She was raised under the watchful eye of her entire village. At the age of 5 Shinata began training to be a warrior. For what? Shinata is not sure, however, that did not stop her father from implementing a rigorous daily training regime. The story begins when their paths cross. Antonio and Shinata are ultimately swept up in a series of events that will change the very texture of reality! Come join them as they learn more about themselves and the world around them.

Game Features:

Multiplatform Release

  • The game will be commercially available for PC, MAC, Android, and Iphone, mid 2016!

  • Gamepad/mouse/touch screen game

Time system (Custom time system, no scripts used!)

  • Time affects game play in many surprising ways

  • Years, months, days, hours, minutes.

  • Day and Night cycles.

Dynamic Weather System (Custom weather system, no scripts used!*)

  • Weather are random and affects game play in many surprising ways

  • Weather effects carry into battle. (*actually, 1 simple script lol)

  • Weather effects, day/night, inside and outside are all taken into consideration.

Original Story

  • Story currently being developed as a series of novels. Compliments the novel in many different ways. Those that read the novel will have an edge in the secrets/back story department and vice versa.
(Very early screenshot, dialogue has changed…)

Unique Quest System

  • Unprecedented level of freedom and choice to decide the outcome of quests. Play good or evil, help others or leave trails of blood in your wake, you decide!

  • Decisions made during the game will be remembered. All decisions affect the story and character relationships. Characters will voice their happiness/anger and will react in many surprising ways.
Unique Characters

  • Characters have their own strengths and weaknesses. All characters are highly customizable (*especially the one you design yourself)!

Unique Battle System

  • The battle system is a blend of traditional and modern battle systems. Mainly CTB, Charge Turn Based battle system, where you utilize strategy in order to control the flow of battle!

  • Highly customizable! For example, you may alter the way each character earns SP needed for special attacks which adds further strategy and depth (SP mode changes found under skills menu). And much more!

Unique Leveling System

  • The leveling system is a blend of traditional and modern leveling systems. Not only do you get stronger and learn new skills as you level up, you can also customize your character further by choosing which skills to learn. The more thoroughly you explore, the greater the options (unlock additional skills)!

Perception System

  • Character can sense secrets about the current area or about the people around them. Works even during conversation.

Persuasion System

  • Characters can alter the course of the game and generate unique dialog options, quests, etc. based on persuasion skills (and a little chance).

Lock Picking System

  • Characters can pick locks!

  • System also has *combination lock and *password systems! Be sure to pay attention to the world around you!

Mining System

  • Players can mine many different ores in the game!

Crafting System

  • Characters can (and should) craft weapons, armor, gems, items, necklaces, rings, and trinkets out of the ore that they mine/discover/find at a crafting station.

  • The crafting system has randomization and variance built into it.

  • Weapons and Armor have durability. They will eventually break. Make sure to check your equipment and use repair hammers when necessary.

Slotted Weapons and Armor

  • Find and create gems to place into weapons and armor!

Digging system

  • The game hides items all over the world. So grab your shovel!

False walls

  • As an ode to the Zelda games, there are weak walls that can be bombed to reveal secrets. Keep an eye out for cracks! Works in conjunction with the perception system.

  • Sometimes there is more than treasure hidden in walls. Paths to new quests may also be revealed.

(Explosion animation missing after selecting the proper bomb… It looks nice, you get the idea. Nice mini map.)

Fishing System

  • Yes, you can fish! Works with many other game systems in very interesting ways.

Cooking System

  • Characters must make meals (at cooking stations) in order to heal outside of battle (*besides sleeping). Potions are used during battle and cannot be used outside of battle.

Farming System

  • Yes, you can farm and pick veggies!

  • Works in conjunction with the cooking system and the *home base system.

Speak to Animals

  • Characters can learn to speak to animals… they can reveal some amazing secrets, quests, etc. Or just kill them and eat them. Whatever.

  • Characters can also learn to speak to goblins and elves. Not all of them know the common tongue…

Infinity Dungeon

  • An infinite dungeon that spawns infinite resources and secrets!

  • The infinity coins are connected with the Infinity dungeon. Use them to teleport to the dungeon and… much more!

  • An integral part of many side quests.

  • Has many extremely rare, legendary, and unique items hidden in its depths!

  • Lots of other secrets… 42...

  • Whats up with the creepy skull statue outside the dungeon anyway?

Mini Map

  • Find your way around the game much easier!

  • Player, quest markers, locations, etc, are shown on the map!

  • Zoom and Opacity can be adjusted at anytime!

And so much more! but they are secret for now...

Official Killer Gin Web Site: www.killergin.com
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Killer Gin

Towns Guard
Killer Gin Version 2.2.1 Released Today!

Whats new:
-Killer Gin is 10x better looking!
-Maps are Killer Gins greatest weakness and this has been addressed in Version 2.2.1.
-The ugly tree in scene 2? Totally revamped! Check it out. Much more to come!

Download and enjoy the new look today!


The progress looks good here, I like your minimap.

Few things to think about:
One thing on your development list should be to sort the shadows, they're a little weird and the ones that are from MV don't happen above events or it doesn't look like it does.

I'd make sure the insides of the houses look varied and realistic. Houses aren't square shaped they're all manner of shapes compared tot he land and have inner walls.

Killer Gin

Towns Guard

First Version of Killer Gin STEAM Game Trailer Complete!
Now time for revisions!

Killer Gin is that much closer to commercial release on STEAM!
[doublepost=1465282515,1464927460][/doublepost]Killer Gin 0.3.1 Released!

Whats new?

- Dynamic weather system!
- Cutscene updates
- New items!
- Fixed a few bugs/glitches

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Companion Wulf

Lone Wolf
VERY nice, evocative trailer! I've been steadily going through a few other demos, one by one, and it looks like I need to update yours as well!

Killer Gin

Towns Guard
Killer Gin Update, Version 0.4.1 (8/3/16)!

Whats Updated:
- Updated and streamlined hunger system (glitch fixed, more checks, works better)
- Update and streamlined weather system (added flexibility)
- State rules changed (Guard skill most obvious benefactor)
- Updated Game Guide (800 hours in!)

This update mainly addressed growing pains associated with introducing a few new game mechanics.

Thanks, I look forward to your feedback.
[doublepost=1470687823,1470076789][/doublepost]Killer Gin Upcoming for Version 0.4.2
www.killergin.com (Download game here for PC and Mac)

Whats Coming:
- More story driven focus, extend story, character development, etc.
- More quests, updates and new additions.
- Enemies AI Updates.
- New Skills, Items, etc.
- Updates and fixes from feedback

Will be last update before STEAM edition.


Hello, I have just started playing your game, it is very nice I love your learn skill system! I also love the fact that you use a type of narration which adds depths to our game. I will give you a full review once I finish the demo but there is one thing I do not understand, when Shin from my party died I gave him a stimulant and he revived but then he kept missing his attacks and he had like 4 or 5 red crosses under his name what is it supposed to mean?

Killer Gin

Towns Guard
@Jiriki9 Thanks! I plan to update the trailer soon. Its the first trailer I have ever made lol.

@Companion Wulf, Thanks for the post. I will continually update Killer Gin for a long time to come. I just updated the game to Version 0.5.1 to coincide with MV 1.3.1 update. I also fixed a few things and added a few things. Plus there is encryption! yay!

@FabArt Hello, thanks for playing Killer Gin. I just released 0.5.1!

Anyways check out the game log. It should explain that when an actor is k.o.ed that he will receive injuries that can only be healed by eating a meal and, fighting once, and sleeping. Let me know if the game log does a decent job of explaining that. Injuries can affect a fighter in many ways including but not limited to: Decreasing any stat, lowing hit% or evade, lower exp received, etc. A status menu that explains each status affect is in the works and will be implemented into the game soon.

Please feel free to ask me about the game. I look forward to your feedback. (To heal injuries, eat a meal, battle at least once that day, and sleep.)
[doublepost=1471287014,1471025395][/doublepost]Killer Gin Version 0.5.2 Released!
www.killergin.com (Download game today!)
[doublepost=1473381628][/doublepost]New Killer Gin Update 0.5.6a! (Milestone!)
Download the PC and Mac demo today! (www.killergin.com)

Whats New in 0.5.6a:
- Custom Time System Added!
- Custom Dynamic Weather System Improved!
- New quests based on the new Time and Weather system!
- New items to control time and weather! (Ocarina?! Yes, clocks too)!
-Prepping game for Killer Gin Homestead!


Killer Gin Homestead!
- Plant and harvest crops
- Raise and breed livestock, etc.
- Protect homestead from enemies
- Manage farm hands work/relationships
- and much, MUCH more!

I look forward to your feedback and constructive criticism,


Praised Adventurer
No big deal, but is there a reason why the file name doesn't correspond to the version number..? It seems strange to download file demo42 for version 5.6a. Just sayin'; I've downloaded it anyway..!

Killer Gin

Towns Guard
@Dad3353 lol I guess its a little strange but don't worry. That just happened to be the 42nd demo I uploaded onto my server, it automatically name it that. I believe I saw your name before. If I have, welcome back! I appreciate you checking out the game and I look forward to your feedback and constructive criticism.
[doublepost=1473809058,1473383880][/doublepost]Upcoming Killer Gin Update 0.5.7


Upcoming in 0.5.7

Custom Sleep Mode Added
Custom Time and Weather Display Window
Custom Time System Improved
Custom Dynamic Weather System Improved
New items to manage sleep!


Killer Gin Homestead!

-Grow and Expand your homestead
-Plant and harvest crops
-Raise and breed livestock, etc.
-Protect homestead from enemies
-Form and manage relationships/Marriage/farmhands, etc.
and much, MUCH more!


Praised Adventurer
@Killer Gin ...

Oi, steady on, lad..! I've not had a chance to give 0.56 a decent run yet, and you're already forging ahead with another update..! How many hours in the day do you think I have, eh..? I'll be looking for a real-life Time Machine, soon, just to keep up..!

Killer Gin

Towns Guard
Lol, don't worry, I will take my time with 0.5.7 lol. I am creating "Killer Gin Homestead" along with tons of updates and tweaks. Take your time and enjoy! I told ya before, I am just getting started! I appreciate all the time and feedback that you provide. ;0)

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That's how we improve.”
~Bill Gates

@Killer Gin ...

Oi, steady on, lad..! I've not had a chance to give 0.56 a decent run yet, and you're already forging ahead with another update..! How many hours in the day do you think I have, eh..? I'll be looking for a real-life Time Machine, soon, just to keep up..!
Its funny because on Killer Gins official web site (www.killergin.com, check it out!) I have your original review of my game! That was a long time ago and now I am 900 hrs in and Killer Gin has changed drastically. I am eager to hear what you think about the games progress! Just know that I am still working hard and will not stop until the game is ready. I am about 900 hrs in now and I plan to spend another 1,ooo before I release the game. Thanks so much for your time and feedback on my humble little game. ;0).


Praised Adventurer
...I am eager to hear what you think about the games progress!...
Well, here's the first 'progress report', so you can cease pacing up and down, chewing your nails and wearing out the carpet...
I had already gone through the opening screens, so was able to advance slightly more rapidly. Again impressed by the excellent fluidity and attention to detail displayed. I've just spent a bit more than an hour, and have hardly seen half of what is in the first Village..! I managed to find a few useful Tools, and even learn a Skill or two (Novice Lock-Picking...). Having come across several Books in various places, I'm now even a little apprehensive as to the future complexity, what with Crafting, Cooking, Smelting, Hunting, Side Quests, Main Quest, in-game Games..! I've surely missed out on more..!
One problem came up, though, which I think I recognise, but will have to check further to see if it's what I think. Here it is...
I was scouting around the Village before going to meet our obese friend behind the Town Hall. I had collected 3 chickens (no idea as yet where the two remaining are, as I thought I'd looked everywhere...). I was about to embark on my very first Cooking session when, suddenly... Nothing. The Game crashed out, without warning, completely. Luckily, I've a Save (one of several...) so as to be able to continue without starting from scratch, but still...
I have experienced this before, and have a sneaking suspicion that it's a Memory problem. I'll do some tests later on this evening to confirm; if it is what I think, I've already reported the issue to MV for attention. I'll report back a bit later on that.
I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure up to that point, and am looking forward to getting stuck into the real 'meat' of the story in due course. I'm in no hurry (I have a fair stock of patience; I'm not particularly inclined to rush through things, especially when they're as agreeable as this to relish...). Lots of nooks and crannies, many with rewards, some with nothing at all; suspense..! I can't say much about the main plot, as I've hardly scratched the surface, but if it's been put together with half the care and attention as these opening Demo screens, my spare time for the coming autumn evenings is going to be seriously curtailed, as I shall be occupied in hunting down Elves, Orcs or whatever is in store...
More news of the 'crash' soon...
[Terminator] "I'll be back..." [/Terminator]

Edit: Well, here we are; back again...

Here's a series of screen shots, where one can plainly see the memory use increasing as the Actor goes from Map to Map (House to House...) All I do is walk to a house, enter, walk around then out and on to the next one. The memory rises; it had climbed a bit more still after the last pic, the crash occurred with a bit more memory use than that.
My PC is a rather modest HP8200, i5, with 12 Gb, running Windows 10 64-bit. To me, it looks as if the memory rises to close to the 32-bit limit (4 Gb...), so I suspect some strange handling of graphics. I've reported this, and have some communication with the bods looking into this; there has been a half-explanation whereby Render Texture memory is not fully recovered. There's a 'work-around' plugin that helps in some cases (it helped my rather simple Maps, using no plugins...), but failed to help in a larger Project which I have (not mine...) which uses loads of plugins. Maybe there'll be a patch or something in the next MV update, I don't know.
Here's the pics, anyway...

None of this detracts from the quality of the Game, as this is a System problem, which does not occur on all platforms. I'll carry on from my latest 'Save', but I'll be careful to save often, and exit the Game to reset the Memory.
Apologies for the length of all this, hope it helps; meanwhile...
Have a nice day
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Killer Gin

Towns Guard

As usual, I am stunned at the level of detail and attention you spend on your updates/reviews.

MV does definitely have system problems and I really hope that they fix these memory issues as soon as possible. Thats crazy! Its so wierd how it runs with no problems on some PCs and runs like crap on others. lol If they release a big MV update can you let me know so I can update MV itself and pray the engine has been optimized? lol.

Keep at them about fixing the memory issue because that is just ridiculous! SO MUCH MEMORY!

I fear that there is little I can do to fix the memory issue. I can only pray an engine update comes soon. Perhaps if they fix this, the android version would run SO much better! (the Android Version is SUPER LAGGY, probably because of this issue!)

However, I am very happy to hear that you are enjoying the game. Wait until you experience the updated battle system! I can't wait till you get to see the rest of the game ;0)

Thanks so much, I look forward to your feedback...( and what the powers that be, have to say/do to fix the memory problem.)

Killer Gin

Towns Guard

I see you found my forum post. Thats just me trying to get the word out there about the MASSIVE memory leak. I thought the more voices concerning this problem the better. I'm sorry, I didn't see your post, I apologize.

As far as plugins are concerned, in the build you are playing (and experiencing the INSANE leak), I basically only use Yanfly's plugins (in correct order), a mini map plugin, and Gameus Game journal plugin, thats it.

I barely use any parallaxes at all (maybe a small one as a simple background once) and all my pictures and graphics in general are insanely small. I even optimized the RTP graphics they give me to be 70% smaller. I have a decent sized game and it weighs in at 247MB, the "www" folder is 165MB.

In an attempt to fix this issue, I again tried to update the engine to 1.3.1 beta2 just in case I might have 1.3.1 beta1 update. (I am just hoping, I may already have the latest version of the engine.). The new (possibly updated) version of Killer Gin is uploaded to the website, it includes a few nice little updates (it includes a tiny time window plugin that I created, that displays time at all times, OMG now they are going to blame my tiny window plugin that simply displays 1 icon and a couple numbers, lol, of course this was not included in your build that already has the massive leaks.)

If there are no changes then I can only hope 1.3.2 contains the fix I am so desperately hoping for.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate all the hard work and effort everyone has been doing to get these problems fixed. I LOVE MV and I only wish to continue to support and use the wonderful little engine.

Thanks Dad! Keep putting up the good fight! lol


Praised Adventurer
@Killer Gin ...

Have you tried the 'work-around' plugin that's posted near the end of the topic that I linked to..? It worked for my modest Projects, and my Memory Leak Demo project, but not for a much bigger Project which I have, which uses a whole swath of Yanfly stuff. I don't know if it's relevant to the phenomenon I've got, but might be worth a try until a definitive fix is found..?
Just sayin'.
(... and they're a rum bunch over there, I find; easily upset. 'Handle with care', and little place for banter, it would seem. Oh well...)

Killer Gin

Towns Guard
I agree lol

I haven't tried the work around yet, but I have made Killer Gin available to play via browser! The game is now updated to 0.5.6b.

Hmmmm, there are a few plugins that yanfly stated that he no longer supports. He said he no longer supports ATB or CTB (and I use ATB) that are still listed. perhaps these are the culprits for the disastrous battle lag? hmmmm prob worth checking out.

you can also check out the browser version of the latest Killer Gin build here: http://www.indiexpo.net/en/games/killer-gin

I released this version early, because of your feedback, in hopes that it contained the 1.3.1 beta2 fix (though it may already be included). This build however does not have any homestead game mechanics, that is being saved for STEAM ;0)
[doublepost=1474312052,1474310241][/doublepost]You can now play Killer Gin Online! http://www.indiexpo.net/en/games/killer-gin

I agree lol

I haven't tried the work around yet, but I have made Killer Gin available to play via browser!

The game is now updated to 0.5.6b.

Hmmmm, there are a few plugins that yanfly stated that he no longer supports. He said he no longer supports ATB or CTB (and I use ATB) that are still listed. perhaps these are the culprits for the disastrous battle lag? hmmmm prob worth checking out.

I released this version early, because of your feedback, in hopes that it contained the 1.3.1 beta2 fix (though it may already be included). This build however does not have any homestead game mechanics, that is being saved for STEAM ;0)

When I play Killer Gin on my Mac (which is my main computer) The memory stays at ~21 MB. (check the pic, I was rushing through the game, running in and out of houses, battling, basically doing everything I could as fast as I could. I even ran into the infinity dungeon which has tons of events... nothing)

So it has been isolated to a few 64 bit PC's due to rendering issues?



Praised Adventurer
@Killer Gin ...

Maybe I should buy a Mac for playing MV Games..?

I'll try it out on our youngest's PC, an even more modest Pentium affair, running 32-bit XP. The last Game I had with this issue ran just a s badly on his PC, so it may not be a question of 64-bits alone. I found it suspicious that the Game, on both our PC's, would crash when approaching 4 Gb, which is the limit of addressing in 32-bits. Maybe coincidence, though.
Nevertheless, 21Mb seems very, very low, so hats off to Mac for that..! Here's the opening screen on running the Game...
Here's loading the latest Save...
... and here's leaving the house...
There's about 10 seconds between each of these shots.
Maybe it's to do with video cards or something..? I'm not expert enough to know how it all works (I retired after decades as an IT Manager, and so, by definition, know very little..!
). Either way, it's not your Game which is in question, and this issue does not affect all platforms in the same way.
I'll report back after trying it on another PC...