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Killer Gin! Download the latest demo!

Killer Gin

Towns Guard

(*The game is constantly being updated, all screenshots are old.)
Press the spoiler buttons to see the BEAUTIFUL screenshots! ;0)

Game Features:

Multiplatform Release

  • The game will be commercially available for PC, MAC, Android, and Iphone, mid 2016!

  • Gamepad/mouse/touch screen game

Original Story

  • Story currently being developed as a series of novels. Compliments the novel in many different ways. Those that read the novel will have an edge in the secrets/back story department and vice versa.

(Very early screenshot, dialogue has changed…)

Unique Quest System

  • Unprecedented level of freedom and choice to decide the outcome of quests. Play good or evil, help others or leave trails of blood in your wake, you decide!

  • Decisions made during the game will be remembered. All decisions affect the story and character relationships. Characters will voice their happiness/anger and will react in many surprising ways.

Unique Characters

  • Characters have their own strengths and weaknesses. All characters are highly customizable (*especially the one you design yourself)!

Unique Battle System

  • The battle system is a blend of traditional and modern battle systems. Mainly CTB, Charge Turn Based battle system, where you utilize strategy in order to control the flow of battle!

  • Highly customizable! For example, you may alter the way each character earns TP needed for special attacks which adds further strategy and depth (TP mode changes found under skills menu). And much more!

Unique Leveling System

  • The leveling system is a blend of traditional and modern leveling systems. Not only do you get stronger and learn new skills as you level up, you can also customize your character further by choosing which skills to learn. The more thoroughly you explore, the greater the options (unlock additional skills)!

Perception System

  • Character can sense secrets about the current area or about the people around them. Works even during conversation.

Persuasion System

  • Characters can alter the course of the game and generate unique dialog options, quests, etc. based on persuasion skills (and a little chance).

Lock Picking System

  • Characters can pick locks!

  • System also has *combination lock and *password systems! Be sure to pay attention to the world around you!

Mining System

  • Players can mine many different ores in the game!

Crafting System

  • Characters can (and should) craft weapons, armor, gems, items, necklaces, rings, and trinkets out of the ore that they mine/discover/find at a crafting station.

  • The crafting system has randomization and variance built into it.

Slotted Weapons and Armor

  • Find and create gems to place into weapons and armor!

Digging system

  • The game hides items all over the world. So grab your shovel!

False walls

  • As an ode to the Zelda games, there are weak walls that can be bombed to reveal secrets. Keep an eye out for cracks! Works in conjunction with the perception system.

  • Sometimes there is more than treasure hidden in walls. Paths to new quests may also be revealed.

Fishing System

  • Yes, you can fish! Works with many other game systems in very interesting ways.

Cooking System

  • Characters must make meals (at cooking stations) in order to heal outside of battle (*besides sleeping). Potions are used during battle and cannot be used outside of battle.

Farming System

  • Yes, you can farm and pick veggies!

  • Works in conjunction with the cooking system and the *home base system.

Speak to Animals

  • Characters can learn to speak to animals… they can reveal some amazing secrets, quests, etc. Or just kill them and eat them. Whatever.

  • Characters can also learn to speak to goblins and elves. Not all of them know the common tongue…

Infinity Dungeon

  • An infinite dungeon that spawns infinite resources and secrets!

  • An integral part of many side quests.

  • Has many extremely rare, legendary, and unique items hidden in its depths!

  • Lots of other secrets… 42...

  • Whats up with the creepy skull statue outside the dungeon anyway?

Mini Map

  • Find your way around the game much easier!

  • Player, quest markers, locations, etc, are shown on the map!

  • Zoom and Opacity can be adjusted at anytime!

Random Treasure

  • Most of the loot in the game is random. Random drops and random spawn. Good luck!

Quests: (Spoiler free)

Main Questline

  • Follows the novels. Also works to tie up loose ends and provide more context and backstory to the characters and world in general.

Grandma’s Chicken

  • Please find Grandma’s chicken!

  • The more you collect and return to her, the bigger and better the rewards! Oh she will make it worth your while… Be sure not to kill them though (You may not know it's hers.) You cannot return a dead chicken… but you can eat it!

Werewolfs and Vampires, Oh my!

  • Werewolves side or Vampire side… where do you stand?
  • This is one of those quests with multiple outcomes/decisions to make. Join a side? Play double agent? Or choose to kill them both! (All 4 sides have their pros and cons. How the story plays out will be more flexible and dynamic than most games.)
Werewolf Quest 1 (Vampire Bane Sword)

  • Retrieve a weapon for the werewolves, the sword is hidden on the 3rd level of the Infinity dungeon.

Werewolf Quest 2 (Goblin King’s Head)

  • A group of goblins is causing a problem for the werewolves. Put an end to this conflict by collecting the Goblin King’s head!

Vampire Quest 1 (Capture the Orcs!)

  • Capture a group of Orcs that have stopped at the Inn in the Bara Kingdom.

Infinity Dungeon (Grampa’s quest)

  • Grampas is raving about an “Infinity Dungeon”? What could he mean?... How deep can you go into the Infinity dungeon?

Hide and Seek!

  • A little boy loves to play hide and seek! (There is much more than meets the eye…)

Goblin Thief!

  • A valuable weapon has been stolen by a goblin. Find their village and decide their fate.

Werewolf Packs!

  • There are 4 wolf packs hunting in the goblin forest…

Orc Savior!

  • Save the orc(s) from their prison cell deep within the mountains.

Ultimate Weapons!

  • How many can you find and destroy?

Homicide Hunter!*(Not implemented yet)

  • Several murders have been committed in the Bara Kingdom. Is this the work of a serial killer? Let's play detective! Or not.

Tips and Tricks:

  • There are secrets hidden everywhere! Not all secrets have a visual marker (Like a cracked wall, etc.) especially when they are hidden in the ground. To search for buried items you must click, touch, or press the action button (Yes, you must actively search even when characters possess passive perception skills).

  • Don’t just rush through the dialog! Enjoy the story! Also, there are lots of subtle hints hidden in dialogue throughout the game.

  • Many items such as pickaxes, lock picks, shovels, fishing poles, bait, etc. cannot be used forever. They will eventually break and you have to find or create new ones. There are different quality items that will last longer than others.

  • Play close attention to the flow of battle! This could mean the difference between winning and losing, especially when you have an injured teammate. The turn order is located at the top right of the battle screen. There are ways to temporarily alter the order in your benefit.

  • Be a good son/daughter… some opportunities are a one shot deal...

  • Be sure to speak to every animal that you see. They often know secrets about the area! Or you can just kill them for meat and other resources if need be, you need to eat.

  • If order to create most items in the game you must have the skill and recipe book to do so.

  • The crafting system has randomization and variance built into it. If you create a pair of boots it may not be the best version of the boots. If you create the boots again you may get a better pair… or a worse pair… fun!! Be sure to check out the stats and slots of newly generated items before you decide which to use!

  • Use the forge to smelt ore into bars for crafting!

  • In order to utilize a skill such as persuasion, perception, locking picking, crafting, cooking, speaking to animals, etc. Only 1 person in your party needs to have the skill for it to work! They will automatically perform the action without you telling them to do so! So you can have a designated cook, weapon crafter, lock picker, etc. However if that person leaves your party… I don't know what to tell you… learn fast (or get them back)!

  • There are many decisions that can drastically change the course of the game. Choose wisely! Joining a faction can give you access to unique quests. There are also other rival factions. Do you choose a side? Play double agent (You may risk it all by playing both sides!), choose to fight both sides… or just ignore them all together! All are viable options!

  • Death will spawn randomly in the Infinity dungeon! Do not let him touch you!

  • Treasure Goblins will spawn randomly in the Infinity dungeon… Catch them! They will drop rare, legendary, and unique loot! There must be a way to get more from him…

  • You can sneak up on the treasure goblin! The treasure goblin must have line of sight to be able to see you, which means you can sneak up on him when his back is turned. If you manage to surprise the treasure goblin, he will drop an extra treasure!

  • There is much more to the Infinity dungeon than you can possibly imagine!

  • Watch out for holes in the ground! You can fall through them in many places!

  • Walking lowers down cool down rates for all skills!

  • I created a secrets guide that reveals most of the secrets in the game! Close examination of the book will reveal how much love, care, and detail has gone into every facet of the game! The game is so much more complicated and detailed than meets the eye!

  • So you are reading this? Good, to access the secret developer room on the outside of the Infinity dungeon, you must know the secret password (the game designers birthday)!

Features yet to come:

And so much more! but they are secret for now...

Story: (Spoiler free, will add more soon)

The world is set in a fantasy setting where a new race of beings have found themselves in the center of conspiracy, intrigue and war. The story follows an unlikely group of heroes that are destined to change the very fabric of reality. Come join them on their quests as they learn more about themselves and the world around them.

Characters: (Spoiler free, will add more soon)


Race: Human (Gin)

Class: Gin Fighter

Alignment: Chaotic Good



Race: Human (Gin)

Class: Gin Fighter

Alignment: Lawful Good



Race: Human

Class: Elite Fighter

Alignment: Chaotic Evil



Race: Human

Class: Mage

Alignment: Neutral



Race: Shadow Elf

Class: Shadow Assassin

Alignment: Lawful Good


Download the Demos by using the links in my signature!

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Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca
hey sup, so how do you plan to release this commercially if you don't post screenshots to show us an idea of your mapping skills and battle system and stuff, all i get is a wall of text, that don't help much.

Iron Croc

I eat my fries with fire.
I stopped reading four lines in. There are no visuals in the thread. No screenshots. How are you supposed to grab our attention with a commercial game when you've already lost mine in this thread? Oh wait... There is an uninteresting title screen...

Killer Gin

Towns Guard
Hello guys!

LOL, thanks for the pointers. I am fairly new to advertising the game... updated pics to peak interest?! Coming up! If you have Facebook, its easy, already done on the official game page.... forum posts I will update now. Give me a sec to take a few pics...
[doublepost=1456118643,1456112718][/doublepost]@Iron Croc @EvilChibi, I listened closely to what you said and... I provided a ton of screen shots for ya! Better? If you want even more then you will just have to play the demo available for download. ;0)
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Staff member
Some members may have slow internet speeds, limited bandwidth, or throttled internet speeds. Could you please put the screenshots in spoilers? Thanks.

Iron Croc

I eat my fries with fire.
Some members may have slow internet speeds, limited bandwidth, or throttled internet speeds. Could you please put the screenshots in spoilers? Thanks.
@MinisterJay You're not a moderator yet, so please don't backseat mod. And why do ALL the pictures need to be in spoilers? That's kind of a redundant rule, IMO.


Staff member
@MinisterJay You're not a moderator yet, so please don't backseat mod. And why do ALL the pictures need to be in spoilers? That's kind of a redundant rule, IMO.
I have satellite internet, which gets throttles at times. I made a friendly request, and he fulfilled it. You made a request, and Killer Gin fulfilled it too. It had nothing to do with moderating. It is not backseat modding, so please get off my case. ^-----
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LTN Games

Master Mind
Resource Team
Let's play nice, its all fun and games here, literally lol. As for screenshots in spoilers, its not a rule, which makes MJ's request sincere and not a backseat mod request.
Back on topic...

Ive never playdd the demo yet but this game is looking pretty good, are you a beginner with rpg maker ? Some of the maps looks empty with just a bed and some objects laying around but then there are some outside maps that look really nice. I'm curious to see how this progresses and I will play with the demo later today.

Killer Gin

Towns Guard
@LTN Games Thanks! Well I am a beginner in the fact that I just started using RPG Maker when MV was released. This is also my first demo ever! So yes I guess I am new to RPG Maker. I am designing and creating the game as fast as I can while keeping quality up. I spend most of my time behind the scenes with the code. A lot of the graphics are place holders. I do plan to go back and make the scenes prettier but I believe the gameplay is much more important. I am working hard on demo 2 and it will be released shortly. So the nicely designed scenes are just a small taste of what I can do when I find the time to spend on a scene... but they too will be updated when all the gameplay mechanic are in place. I look forward to your feedback and constructive criticism! Thanks again!
[doublepost=1457560323,1456167634][/doublepost]Hey Guys! Been a while! I just released Demo 2!!! Much improved! This post is ancient history now!
[doublepost=1458236524][/doublepost]Hey guys! I updated the post by updating the links to the demo! Just use the links in my signature! The game has an official website now! www.killergin.com!
[doublepost=1541098299][/doublepost]RPG Player Contest!!! Win $100!

Do you think you are a great RPG player?!
Time to prove it.

Killer Gin RPG Competition.
Prize: $100.00 (USD) paid via PayPal.
Time Frame: Nov 1st to Dec 4th

PC Download: https://www.killergin.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Killer-Gin-PC-Demo.zip

Mac and Linux Download from: www.killergin.com

Browser Version: https://www.indiexpo.net/en/games/killer-gin

Highest Score wins!
The game will calculate your score based on the following:
-Quests Completed: (x5 points)
-Secrets Found: (x4 points)
-Deepest Level Reached in Infinity Dungeon: (x1 points)
-Highest Wave survived in Single Colosseum: (x1 points Easy difficulty)
-Highest Wave survived in Team Colosseum: (x1 points Easy difficulty)
-Party Good Deeds: (x3 points)
-Party Evil Deeds: (x3 points)
-All Party Likes: (x1 Points)
-All Party Dislikes: (x1 Points)
-Crops harvested: (x3 points)
-Live Stock Mated: (x3 points)
-Discovered Enemies: (x1 points)
-Homestead Occupants: (x3 points)

No video necessary, just a screen shot proving the above emailed to thekillergin@gmail.com.

Each entry will be displayed on the official Killer Gin Facebook page. (Each entry consists of two screen shots)

When you finish the demo a new character will appear on the world map by Layhen. He will generate your score based on the above criteria. Your stats will then be displayed on the screen for you to take a screen shot.

In an event of a tie, the person who submitted their screen shot first will win.
[doublepost=1546298778][/doublepost]Killer Gin Update 0.9.9 (Particle System 1 Edition) (12.31.18)

Homestead 0.2.5


THIS IS MORE OF A TEST FOR THE NEW PARTICLE SYSTEM, HOW DOES YOUR GPU FARE? (needs to run well even on low end computers and I am a bit worried)

  • Tweaked UI and Battle system
  • Dozens of hours tweaking database
  • Updated classes, new abilities
  • Various fixes and updates

Can’t wait to hear back from you

[doublepost=1546605349][/doublepost]Killer Gin Update 0.9.9 (Particle 1B Edition) (1.4.19)

Homestead 0.2.6


  • Big Homestead balance update (Playable now! lol)
  • Fixed time in relation to crops and livestock
  • Huge update to gold/skill/item/crop/livestock balance.
  • Various fixes and updates

Can’t wait to hear back from you