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Life Is Too Sport - Personal blog!


Site Name: Life Is Too Sport
URL: https://lifeistoo.sport.blog/
Type: Personal blog.
Site Info: My first attempt dipping into the blog world. This is a personal blog where I share my views across subjects that are important to me - such as sport, mental health, university and music. The content will be diverse, including other topics too. I have an introducing article and an about me page on there too, so you can find out more about me. But I have linked my twitter in too, so feel free to get to know me. Also I encourage you to share your views through comments, and share the articles to your friends. I'm happy to take on board ideas and really get a community feel going on. :)


Nice to meet you. If you want more people in your blog, may I suggest writing about games? Any people here is gamers and game creators.