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Looking for tiles, charsets, animated blood and fire

Hi, So I am looking for tiles for my game. I wanted to get custom sets for tiles but discovered how expensive it is. So I am using RTP edits but need tiles to sell the Celtic Feel of my game and not seem like another "RPG Maker" game.
I also need Tiles or Charsets for a torture chamber. The game has the player assume the role of a villain and has scenes where he interrogates captured bosses for information. He ends up becoming the god of evil. I also need charsets for blood in battles and cutscenes and fire breath for interacting with events (He is a half-dragon)
The Engine is MV.

I also want tall sprites and would give you character concepts and clothing concepts for them. I would pay for game map sprites for base and armor sprites. as I am doing a sprite change feature to simulate armor change. Would obviously give credit, and my website would have a special page that links to your page, portfolio whatever.

How I am planning to pay:
I would send you concepts or photos of what I need, you tell me how much it is, I will pay you upfront per commission. I can't display the concept art publicly as I have commissioned them and am trying to keep that asset under tight control.


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Check my resource page. I have a gore/horror tileset that might have a few things that would be useful for your project.