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Tileset Lorsynth's Orginal Interfaces & Parallax Resources



Consider supporting me so I can make resources as more than a hobby!
Free to use, with or without credit in both commercial and hobby games. Enjoy. <3

Felth Themed Resources / New Resources


I'm working on these

This is an interface you can mess around with

And the way I do tiles is pretty simple, I work on them as a higher res, shrink them down, give them sold borders and adjust the colour balance. Making shadows and highlights different tones. <3
It looks pretty good to me, the beds in the stone enclosure look so alien and creepy along with the plant/tree thing next to them, I could definitely see this working out if there were an accompanying ground, wall and ceiling tileset!

I also like the drawers coming out so it becomes an interactive, searchable object.

Good work!