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Making games by yourself hurts

So I'm working on my project the ENDLESS COMBAT DUNGEON. It's a game of randomized combat and events, and many want me to convert it into an open-world setting.

They're also asking where the plot is.

A problem though... my main skill is just art, that's it.

Not animation, or game design, or writing (I basically have no imagination). Feel that you kind of need those things for something like that.

They make it sound so easy but I've never written a story in my entire life. I said even if I tried it'd probably be as simple as "Evil wizard! You hero! Go kill!"

But hey, I'mma try it anyways.
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Hey, I've moved this to the MV Discussion section. As for story and everything some big games don't have much of a story and they're still successful. Look at enter the gungeon. It's a dungeon crawler. I don't think there's much plot to it at all. If so it's optional as most people play it for the combat and that's it. Some games also succeed off of their cliche plot, or having a terrible plot. I believe borderlands is one of them.

Everyone wants everything open world, however certain games just aren't supposed to be developed to be open world. Example going back to enter the gungeon. If your community is telling you they want that, sometimes it's better to be honest with them and tell them you do not have the man power to make those options available for the moment.

Edit: You also asked if people wanted to see it open world. Never ask if someone wants something if you know you can't do it. This will just create negative stigma around you or your company.