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Need help resolving TypeError

Hi All,

I have a standard combat that runs at the end of a conversation and then leads into a new conversation but at the end of the combat but before the the second conversation starts I get the error "TypeError Cannot read property 'name' of undefined". I have disabled plug ins and it still happens. I have confirmed all the assets are readable and in place. When I took the combat encounter out it runs through the entire conversations fine. Any idea what it could be? I'm using the Mac version of RPG Maker MV.

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Master Mind
Resource Team
It would be nice to see your event that is in question, as well as your "troops" battle event commands, if there are any. Along with that, hit F8 when the game throws the error at you to open the console and take a screenshot of that. It sounds like a plugin issue but you said you disabled them all so it makes me think that somewhere in your events is a script call or something conflicting with the battle and conversation.
Figured it out. I had a custom encounter built with a name the system wasn't reading. I let the system autoname it and the battle ran without issue. Thanks for your help. I'll leave this up in case others run into similar issues.