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New to RMMV.co


Hello fellow game makers!

My name is David (DuckBornDave online) and I have been using RPG Maker for a good few years on and off as a hobby. I have never delved deep into the programming and scripting side although it greatly interests me, but I have wrote many a story that has been intended to be created as an RPG Maker game (some started back on RM2000 and gradually got ported into later engines) but sadly I have yet to fully complete a project as I keep trying to make it as I see it in my vision for the game. That said, thanks to RMMV I have found new life to bring to my projects using the large array of community available plugins, hints, tips and tutorials to do things I was never able to achieve in earlier RPG Makers.

I look forward to being a part of this community and hope to one day share a completed project for everyone to enjoy.

Founder of DuckBorn Studios