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ObsidianTrance Art

Greetings RMers :) This is my first post here and likely to be main, unless I make a thread sharing my writing. I thought it would be great to share my artwork with other artists here, get some feedback and eventually, every now and then, take up some requests for those that would like~

I'm a digital artist (though possibly could see traditional) and commissions for extra money for personal endeavors, art and life. Primarily, I just love to draw no matter what and that keeps it going when I have the time to give to it. I've worked on a few games in the past and some character commissions as of recent, as well as work on Steam Greenlit project outside of this. Amateur work, but a great opportunity to even be able to do such things in the first place.

I'd like to share my artwork here in this thread and likely attract new friends and customers alike. Gives me another opportunity to see what everyone on this forum is working on as well. If I do make commission page, it will be in recruitment thread and get all the info you need there or my DA (and add if you like), http://obsidiantrance.deviantart.com/

So without further ado...
Since this forum is thanks to RPGs, let's get some bad fan art of RPGs I've played out there LOL! Some are old, others are recent, but generally I don't do them too much on my own.

Don't even need to say who these lovable birds are ^_^

A piece I tried painting more so, and with tragic results lol! I'll do Adol just later,
but if not familiar, he's the protagonist of the Ys series. Love them!

Adol Christin.png

One of the first fan arts I was proud of...for a short time XD Squall is one of my
favorite FF characters and the original man in black since Nomura seemed
to get addicted to leather, buckles and zippers...
Find Your Way.png

Vagrant Story! If you missed this, see if you can find it if you like the creators of
Final Fantasy Tactics.

Symphony of the Night of course~ I really want to redo this or at least make a new fan art for it.
Castlevania SotN- Alucard.png

Devil Summoner fan art from the amazing Shin Megami Tensei series! Raidou Kuzunoha,
to be exact ;)
Raidou Kuzunoha.png
Devil Summoner Generations.png

And of course, BLOODBORNE/DARK SOULS stuff! Goodness yes!
Some WIPs, but I'll get around to them eventually.

Bloodborne.png Bloodborne Hunter .png Dark SoulsXBloodborne.png
[doublepost=1489099692,1489043495][/doublepost]Before jumping into the bulk of my work, some varied styles I started with. Some are from what I first started
digital art up to very recent, jumping from one I tried to match Legend of Mana's art style, anime and

The Bard, Sellah from my story, Cerulean Sky

Ken Kotoba from my other work, Musuko no Kaminari (Sons of Thunder)

Sunset Samurai
Sunset Samurai.png

Winged Knight

[doublepost=1489151307][/doublepost]Now, onto my personal works and commissions I've done (in recent time)!

Prince of the Rose Palace

Eternity: Prince of the Rose Palace begins the series with the story of Viennri Manalodia Valerius Arcturus. The Kingdom of Lithavania is at its height when an heir is born to Viennrose Rondomel and Viennrosette Rosalba. Born with the mark of his ancestor Calamus, his strong affinity with the abyss deems him worthy for Court Sorceress Ziva to bestow him with Scarlet Queen, the fail-safe of the Origin Glyph. This was a wise decision given that once rival's ruler in Betamoth passed the throne to his son, Sharad, the patterns for the Origin Glyph were taken to the Ariem empire and war was declared a short time after. Though understanding his father's hesitation, Manalodia challenges Emperor Sharad himself; his Scarlet Queen and Sword of Rose against the Betamoth army and its amalgamations created by the Penumbra's magic.
[doublepost=1489404966][/doublepost]Requiem's Song illustrations. Story takes place after POTRP after some centuries, continuing
with the current generation of House Arcturus and young viennri Requiem.

Requiem Song illustration.png

"Darkness and the Moonlight"
Darkness and the Moonlight resize.png

Requiem's Song, second story in my Eternity series. Following the tale Viennrose (King) Requiem Rondo Arcturus, Requiem Song delves into the past of Lithavania following centuries after Manalodia Arcturus war against Betamoth. the rivalry between Requiem and Iris, his half-brother, follows them through their life in ascension to the throne and in love. Viennrosa (Queen) Regina Irewin and their daughter, Adriana hold Viennrose's heart as he protects both kingdom and them. When the court seer prophecies of the the twin moons joining being an omen against Lithavania, stranger events concerning his dreams and Adriana begin the ebb of tragic betrayal and destiny.
[doublepost=1489486950][/doublepost]ORION illustrations and concepts...

Phantom Sorcerer design concept
Orion concept final.png

ORION shifts the story some centuries after Requiem Song and during events of Innocenza, surrounding Orion of Betamoth, son to the High Priest and Priestess of the Empire. Hoping to fully harness the potential of the Circle of the Enlightened Dragon (Origin Glyph), Orion becomes a catalyst for the ritual and greatest feat in sorcery; binding the Circle to a suitable subject. It is also a tale of love as Orion encounters Tadala, part of an outcast nomadic tribe. They secretly marry, but their time together is cut short on the night of the binding and ends with Betamoth’s capital’s destruction. With the end of the prologue of sorts, the tale truly takes off with Tadala searching for Orion, who she believes survived as there are obscure rumors of a “phantom sorcerer” appearing throughout Catheel, leaving creatures called Dragon Seed in his wake. Joining her journey are; Marte Valence, a young mercenary and his captain, Bolwin Freeburg ; Naira, an Ariem girl who’s village is destroyed by Dragon Seed; Xef Laust, a Laust guiding them through the subterranean world after Orion and the mysterious Penumbra, Amunda. Though her allies goal is to destroy Orion, Tadala must come to terms with keeping her secret of her connection with the Phantom Sorcerer and her loyalty and friendship she forms with her companions along the way. ORION reveals more the dark nature and origins of abyss driven magic, the redemption of an antagonist and the consequences that follow his actions, whether entirely his or not.
[doublepost=1489620521][/doublepost]Orion of Betamoth character design concept B
Orion 2.png
Tedala of Lago-phinx WIP
Tadala concept 2.png
[doublepost=1489747773][/doublepost]This begins my collection of Innocenza artwork, a prologue to Lost Children that focuses on Rema Merloci and Miriam Gavrielle, their lives before and upon meeting that changed their lives.

Innocenza illustration A

Illustration A.png

Avventura~sepia and coloured



Innocenza Chpt. 2 illustration "Blood of Arcturus Pt.1"

Innocenza Chapter 2 Illustration.png

Innocenza Chpt. 6 illustration "Beginning of Sighs"

Innocenza Chapter 1 Illustration.png

The Man in Blue~sketch and coloured
The Man in Blue sketch.png
The Man in Blue.png

House Arcturus is cursed; Acursed yet living, clinging by the progeny of the lost Viennrosette. Unto their ninth generation, Miriam Louisa Arcturus Gavrielle keeps their blood alive, flowing. Forgotten atop Wes' black peaks, the Penumbra, progenitors of magic and scions of the abyss, so it is said, continue their isolation after the fall of Lithavania centuries ago. Born episcene and no less during a time when Kolonia was uncertain of its continuity, Miriam grew with her Cachusa's love and doting, her father's provision and guidance.
A funerary air kept the ebon towers of these exiled people's shadowing the next few claimed by the Gravuzie plague, a fate worse than death for such noble people with their sorcery of no effect. The Arcturus had been spared all the while, if not for their blood then from their will, but it would no longer be so for their little home. Darker shadows loomed over the seed of the fallen royals and tragedy would prevail in its wake. Mother and daughter survive the debauchery of their masochist abode turned prison, returning to Cachusa a sleeping power thought lost to the Penumbra. For Miriam, a fractured mind giving birth to Viktoria, bearer of her burdens.
Over the rolling hills of Isalme, along the countryside beyond Notte, a young Huema girl finds no rest for her adventurous mind. It feeds her during the lands hardship from war, it girds her hope of becoming a a proud soldier like her grandfather and becoming the son her father was not granted. No peasants life is easy, but Rema Cetrine DiBesto is fortunate enough and slacks not at her mother's call to chores.
A tomboy enjoying more swinging her caliber branch and scruffing with any lad that spat her way, she desired a dream few but barbarian children could attain. To become a warrior, a knight to protect those dear and live by honor were perhaps things she wished to restore and gain back from the fallen revelry that was once her father.
From the ancient depths of Nis' past will Miriam find her way down the path of hardship and loss. Through trials and tempering must Rema cross over to her self-discovery. Neither will do this alone, not when destiny's course melds the two as one. Innocenza is the precursor to Lost Children, an exploration of where Transient Notte of Ematus Sercia's Knights and her Penumbran companion came. There is more than dark artes and intrigue for these little ones to contend.
[doublepost=1489956976][/doublepost]Innocenza artwork continued...

Meu Totul
Meu Totul.png

Moment's Repose

Mother's Day~revised
Mother's Day 2.png

Little Ones~
Little Ones.png

The Black City, Kolonia
Kolonia landscape A.jpg

Penumbra Hunter concept A
Penumbra Hunter 1.jpg

Penumbra Hunter concept B
Penumbra Hunter 2.png
[doublepost=1491282632][/doublepost]Sonic the Hedgehog fanart

Sonic vs Metal Sonic.png
[doublepost=1491883923][/doublepost]Dusk sprite (first attempt) and another OC WIP
Dusk sprite.png

Charon sketch 2.png
[doublepost=1498855160][/doublepost]ERTHANE INLAND motif

Erthane Motif.png
[doublepost=1508953421][/doublepost]ORION linework piece I did beginning of the month for Drawtober on Instagram/Twitter
SOMEHOW I forgot I was on here LOL! I've been a member of RPG Maker forums for years now, so keeping up with which ones are still active, being away because of life has thoroughly confused me. At least my posts are CLOSE to up-to-date.

Last year was terrible for how much art I was putting out, but a lot of changes going on at the time, too. Aside all of that, let's see how much I've progressed since...My main aim these days has been writing out stories, getting portraits and references done while working on my lacking painting skills.Might be apparent which works are older with the faint use of shadow and tones to implementation.

Past commissions for personal requests and projects:

Artwork done for MadJak of a friend's OC, Idres Krishdale

Another for MadJak, a different friend this time for their OC, Harmonia

Character illustration for Beloved Rapture, a project I had to walk away from because of difficulties with communication...

Innocenza sketch "Winter in Notte"

Innocenza illustration "Avventura" sketch and coloured

Character portrait for Count Ambrose

ALTER artwork, a story I don't intend on making a game, but would love to a comic/manga one day.



Cyro Skyseeker (his first illustration) for Etenity: Laodicea

A little sketch for main cast of Lost Children...well, family since minus Grey >_>

And something for fun lol! Ubei is a parody character of mine and for this, Osanaga Ubei, it parodies Fist of the North Star XD

Alright, that's it for now. I'm waaay more behind than I assumed because I was doing things in a particular order, so goes back maybe to late 2016 O_O Somewhat doubt that, though. Early 17' if anything.
Noesis & Oasis weapon designs

Noesis and Oasis are custom-made weapons designed by Crescen Voslam, Aerolite inventor and soldier of Gale. The original concept was a single multi-task weapon meant to combat dragyns. With no budget to manufacture the required number, Crescen streamlined the design and downsizing it considerably, splitting it into two component spears. Oasis retains traditional yet elaborate features, hiding it's functionality of mechanics; the main feature being able to detach spearhead into sword or its harpoon chain. Noesis dabbles in Gale's newest fyrepowder arms. As one of the innovators behind its utilization, Crescen had several cartridges made for variety and compensate for its capacity limit. Ansgar has yet to understand the complexity behind Noesis, grasping thus far it's the main component to combining the two spears into a dragynslayer.

Dusk Merloci weapon designs

Dusk's schiovona sword, cinquedea and wheellock fyrearm. Each was commissioned to Isalme's greatest smithy by Rema Merloci when he was admitted to Ematus Sercia as a Demi. In the case of the wheellock, parts of the design was by him while the majority was by Isalme military's engineers as this new technology was only distributed between Gale and Isalme, or as much the Aerolite were willing to share.
The schiovona is able to be enchanted for offense and defense like most Isalmian weaponry, the cinquedea specifically for piercing through warding spells.
The wheellock is a single-shot also capable of this to curb it's disadvantage, yet it was also fitted with channeling crystals to allow magik to be focused through it. This was derived from the old practice of using wands as a focal point before better practices were developed.
Another step in actualizing my project. Found a cartography program called Inkarnate and just went at it. I've drawn maps by hand and made one through Photoshop years ago, so I had a good idea what I wanted and references. This still took a number of days to finish and likely isn't perfect. However, I think it shows competence for when I focus on regional maps. I might even make maps for other stories if the resources are there. It's good to keep up so I can offer this as commission work, too.

A relatively young story I'm working on. This is one of the protagonists, a young man seeming to be a pirate yet manner and vigilance of Sellah leaves some speculation.