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[PAID] Map Designer's Services!

Do you like my mapping style?

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Here's FeiFei, I'm an indie game developer actually working on my own.
Today I'm here to offer my competence with parallax mapping & simple logos for your games!
( Nahpe, I do very little recolors / edits for tilesets too but actually I'm a really lazy pig so I prefer to do this as last chance. )

Okay, here we go.
My prices for creating a single map are from 6$ to 30$ maximum,
while I take 5$ for a simple logo and from 1$ to 3$ for tiles recolors / minor edit.
( Different prices will come if you become a Patron on Patreon, 'cause my patrons got permanent sales on a certain amount of commissions. )
You can pay with DeviantArt points if you feel like this, to me it's perfect the same way. I don't get money in other ways, I don't want vouchers or trades with Steam games or anything else! Just PayPal or DApoints, please!

Here are some examples of what I am offering to you right now.
( For recolored edits just look at the carpet in the first map. ATM I have nothing else to show you, sigh. )

If you want to see something more you can go here and follow my DeviantArt!
For my commission rules & F.A.Q. & prices you can go here and check out anything you want!

If you want to commission something you can note me on DeviantArt ( preferred ) or here!

All of my examples will be updated as soon as possible.