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Hello, I have been dabbling in pixel art for a while and I feel it is time to put that practice to good use. So, welcome to my pixel shop!

Since I'm still learning the ropes, my prices are very affordable. And while I haven't tried every style out there I'm willing to take on the challenges you throw at me.

Now the part you won't like so much, let's talk prices:
Icons: $0.5-$1 depending on size

Windowskin: $1.5

Rtp sized Character sheet: $4+1$ for additional poses

Large characters sheet: $7+1.5$ for additional poses

Portraits: $3+$0.5 per expression
Busts: $6+$0.5 per expression/+$2 for additional pose

Full character/ Static battlers: $8/+$3 for additional pose

Animated battler:$25

Weapons for animated battlers: $5

Tileset/Animations/anything else: $5/hour


Don't be afraid to ask! I'm itching to work on your project!
Finished my first commision: a bunch of icons. Thought I'd share some of them. You can get such icons here! :D
Finished another commision: portraits and sprites. Here's a sample. Hope you like them! And I wish my commisioner best of luck on her project.

Howdy c:
If this is still open, I'm looking for someone interested in doing commission work.

What would your rate be for making an NPC, both the walking sprite as well as the portrait image for dialogue?
Same question for also making a battler character, so all the sprite sheets involved with that and death and whatnot

These would be based off of art images, so there would be refs.
If you could contact me on discord at goldwyn11#5641 or email at goldwyn11@aol.com , I'd be able to respond much faster for a dialogue
Well haven't been very active lately, only worked on two projects, and on one of them I can't reveal the results, here are some of the other one...

(Yes they are the same ones form the previous faces)
It has been a while, hasn't it? Luckily I have had a few commissions to keep me entertained. I thank all the people who have given me work. Here is a sample of the ones I didn't completely butcher:

Also I made my first recolors, I apologize to the artist Makio Kuta for the poor job I did. Her work deserves so much better:

Anyway, thanks for taking a peek, and I hope I can work for you soon!
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@Pyrathas He hasn't logged in since November of last year, so I'm assuming no, but I can message him on Discord and ask ^^