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Publishing Deal

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Hello everyone,

Adam from Avalanche Studioz here

Not sure if this belongs here as I am new to this Forum but if not let me know and ill move it :)

We currently Publish games to Steam/Andriod Market and looking for your games to publish for you,


Q. What about my intellectual Property do I get to keep it?
A. Yes the IP is yours 100%

Q. Can I get friends to help me with the game?
A. Yes you can

Q. Will I get credit for the game?
A. Yes you will be credited on our website www.avalanchestudioz.com

Q. What Percentage do you take and is there any upfront cost?
A. There is no upfront cost at all, we only take 7% from steam sales and the 93% go to the developer
More games I can sell for you the better fro both of us so its in my interest to get as many sales as I can. this means you have more time to work on your game and I can handle PR and publishing!

Q. You don't have many published games on your website can I trust you?
A. Yes we do not have many published games on our website, I used to be involved with www.rpgstudios.co.uk but I have decided to start on my own hence Avalanche Studioz

Q. Where will my game be published?
A. your game will be published in the following locations our website, Steam, Gamejolt, Itch.io Andriod Mobile if possible.

Q. If I published my game with you when do I get paid?
A. You will be paid on the 1st of every month

Q. What Games have you worked on?
A. I have worked on the follwoing games

Q. How do I contact you?
A. adam@avalanchestudioz.com

Thanks guys! Love to see your games :)

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Do you do non-exclusive license deals ? For example I make 3 HTML5 games and you really want to publish them and receive an income from them, I can sell you a non-exclusive license (Usually, a non-exclusive licenses sell's anywhere from $100 - $500 depending on the game.) in which the game is yours to do what you want with it but other publishers may purchase a non-exclusive license as well and do with it what they want as well, in the end, though you get the full income from the html5 games wherever you have published it.


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This is pretty cool.
I don't think I've seen anything like this around here yet.
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