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Question about broken/dead resources links

While I was browsing the resources, I stumbled over many broken/dead links. It's a pity that these resources aren't available anymore. Is there any way to add a filter to sort & search functions which excludes resources which aren't available anymore? Or at least "only show local resources" (no resources uploaded on external websites)?

Or adding some user function to mark a resource as "not available", so a moderator and the author of the resource gets a notice? - So maybe both of them could "disable" the resource from being shown in the lists, and the author could then make them available (and visible) again if they want to?

One or the other feature would help the resources which are still available to be more visible, I guess.

edit: I just tried the standard "report" function under a resource which isn't available anymore, but I only got an error message and don't know why (tested this with main-menu-orion.955 which I cannot link because of "maybe spam")
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Hello @Clownia I"m sorry for the delayed response. If you wouldn't mind continuing to use the report button we will go through and both remove and contact the user to ensure the highest quality on the site :)