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Realistically, how good do I need to be with javascript?

I've begun to learn java script, i might be 10-12 hours in. I'm wondering, How good do I need to be with javascript to be able to do a fairly decent amount of stuff with RPG maker? I don't have any other reasons to learn it its solely for rpg maker I don't need it for anything else. I know it's kind of a vague question im just looking for a rough estimate or whatever input you have on the topic


Towns Guard
I've been wondering the same thing for four years almost. since then I've become quite good at using JavaScript to customize events however there are still many scripts I've never heard of or encountered. There is a whole lot out there. The best advice I can give: Become as familiar as you can with the core scripts and check out this link. https://kinoar.github.io/rmmv-doc-web/globals.html