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Remnants of Ardrus

If you downloaded the game how would you rate it so far. 10 is best, 1 worst.

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Demo at bottom of Page or Here


The game is based around the story of 2 main characters. Fionn and Aoibhe. Its set 20 or so years after a war which nearly tore the world apart when the armies of Ardrus, a nation of people who are born with what is known as "the gift" tried to conquer the world.

They were eventually beaten back and their entire nation all but wiped out. Our two main characters, will set out on a journey where they will track down their Ardrusian heritage while hoping to avoid the Seeker division of the coalition army who are determined to wipe all traces of Ardrus and the gift from the world.

Characters that you'll meet or play as in the demo:

Finn Undertree

Age - 19
Weapon - Bow

Finn has led a fairly sheltered life, living with his uncle deep in the Claur Woodlands. He is soft spoken, polite and a little bit innocent. Occasionally visits the local village with his uncle when supplies are low. His sheltered existence is a result of possessing the Gift, which is usually only present in Ardrusians. During his early years and up to his teens, Finn struggled to control his gift and as a result and the result is why his uncle moved him deep into the woodlands. He has zero experience of the real world and can be a nit naive taking just about everyone at face value.

Eeva Dewfoot (pronounced Ee-va)

Age - 20
Weapon - Dagger

Eeva is a happy go lucky and pleasent girl. She lives with her father and local mayor Biggs at and helpts to take care of Tommens Rest, the Inn of Clonfad village. She is almost always positive and is one of the only simular aged people Finn knows. Like Finn she also has the gift but unlike him, she learned to control it at a very, very early age. It is said in Ardrus that women always had better control of the gift though men could grow vastly more powerful. Eeva in spite of her polite and simular nature to Finn though has much more life experience from dealing with customers at the Inn. Quick in battle but lacking a little in strength.

Sago Undertree -

Age - 46
Weapon - Axe

Following the death of his sweetheart at a young age Sago, spent his early years in the army. Eventually joining the great war. Sago was the most skilled of the team from the Claur Woodlands who eventually struck the fatal blow in winning the war. Fierce and loyal but with a distaste for taking orders, Sago never rose high and after the war, returned home to Clonfad village with his brother Faro and now mayor Biggs.

Upon the death of Faro and his wife, Sago became the sole protector of Finn and moved deep within the woodlands to hid his gift from the locals and any ears which could carry it further afield.

Sago is quite sarcastic by nature and is not the easiest person in the world to take to.

????????? - (pronounced (lots of question marks) Not really.

Age - ??
Weapon - Sword

This lady only makes a short appearance in our demo but its one to remember. A skilled fighter who may just be clouded by her emotions she doesn't hold back and is ruthless in getting the job done.



Coming Soon.

And Finally The Demo.

Get it here
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