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rmmv 30% off steam sale


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The engine is on sale on steam as well as the cover art characters dlc and the season pass(cute). There's also a giveaway:
Pick up RPG Maker MV for 30% off today!

And that's not all. We are also running a huge giveaway, featuring 10 limited edition poster prints signed by RPG Maker creater Yoji Ojima and more.

Make sure to enter the giveaway here!
If you don't have it yet there's a good chance to get it now for less money. Please correct me if I posted in the wrong thread because I really aren't sure where to post this (sleep)and have fun~

Thanks @Hello! for reminding to post this anywhere~

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This is a the perfect thread for Sharing this. It's a great deal for MV and the giveaway should be fun, I've already entered it last night. Thanks for sharing cunechan.


As far as I know unfortunatelynot. It's probably the standard rmmv picture as poster which also appears when launching. Somehow hope it's not that one though
I think it will be that one on the background at giveaway page. Ill let you know when it arrive to my postbox :)
[doublepost=1458023874,1457548925][/doublepost]I won nothing last time, but I just found another DegiGames Giveaway, don't be shy and use my reference link : http://bit.ly/1Uv4WJD :D
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