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RPG Maker MV Package Manager

Hi! So, I've made a standalone tool for RPG Maker MV which allows you to install or uninstall assets (generator parts, music, tilesets, etc.) in packages. For anyone who've used Visual Studio before, it's basically similar to the Nuget package management system. The only difference is that currently, the tool cannot download the packages directly from the internet.

Anyways, the point of this tool is to make your life easier. I mean, you do not have to worry about things like renumbering generator parts manually or keeping track of the BGM, Sprites, Tilesets, etc. you have imported to your project, etc. as the tool does this for you automatically. All you have to do is create a package using the tool from the assets you want to add to your project (if no one has created one yet.) and then use the tool again to install the package.

The tool also boasts other features like it can create backup of your project/generator parts/assets, etc.

So, I hope you try it out and that you like it. :) You can download it through my website - https://indieteur.com/rmmv-package-manager/

I also made some packages already (install script only though to not violate TOS) from DLCs and other peoples work and you can view and download them here - https://indieteur.com/rmmv-package-manager-packages/

Here are some screenshot of the tool:

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