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Shop & Currency Exchange


Staff member
Resource Team
Xy$ is the forum's latest currency! You can obtain currency by creating topics (10 cents per) or by posting on someone elses topics (1 cent per). The currency is then used below to redeem for some amazing gifts!

To purchase the items simply make a post below with the item you want. If you have the Xy$ I will remove the correct amount and send you the item!


  • Xy$ 8 - Anything in the resources that's less than $1
  • Xy$ 30 - Anything in the resources that's less than $5
  • Xy$ 50 - Anything in the resources that's less than $10

  • Xy$ 5 - Small Posting Package ( 1 topic & 3 posts on your forum)
  • Xy$ 5 - Website Review (I will go through and give an indepth review on your website/forum to include things you do to make it better)
  • Xy$ 8 - SEO Package (I will create a Web 2.0 Backlink, and post 3 backlinks on Verified Do-Follow Blogs (PA20+) for increased SEO)
  • Xy$ 100 - A Domain Name of your choice (That's available) for $10 or less.

  • Xy$ 10 - A random steam game code.
  • Xy$ 25 - A random steam game code of $15 or more in value.

Forum & Discord:
  • Xy$ 1.50 - Name Change.
  • Xy$ 10 - Get a post stickied for 1 week on either the forums, or discord.
  • Xy$ 100 - Light orange color name on both the forums and discord.