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So long everyone!


Towns Guard
I really regret to say this but the time for me to retire my pencil has come. It has been like 3 years of artwork study, which I tried game art most of times. In the end I found no support nor any reason to keep on, so I decided to quit everything and move on to different segments of development. I'm going now to Web Design and App Development. It was a cool and interesting adventure, but no one lives out of just love. One must always find the balance between and he loves and what he needs, so I had to make this choice. So thanks everyone!


Staff member
Resource Team
@Ronivan It's sad to see you leave RPG Maker MV, however, keep in mind this website transformed into a larger website. We also offer topics for web devs, as well as web design and development. So you're still more than welcome to stay on the forums :)