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Strict no same niche advertisements? Your opinion on this?


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So, I was just over at another webmaster website and I posted in the community showcase area as what is the normal for most webmaster sites, and webmasters to do. For example, this website, webgurubb, TheAdminZone, and a few others. I then got a reply stating I offended the owner by doing so (Which was by no means my intention of doing so) and that I can't do it, and if I don't explain why the site is different he was going to remove my post. I then explained it's what most webmaster sites do and I didn't mean any offense. In the post I mentioned TheAdminZone, and wasn't able to post because that word was censored, I then went and tried typing TAZ instead, and that word was censored. I haven't seen this type of strict no similar niche advertisements on a website in a while. After responding I found that the post is now deleted, and the directory post is as well.

This being said, what is your opinion on people banning everything that relates to another site in the same niche? Be completely honest with this.


I remember going on TheAdminZone to try and promote my blog/forum for webmasters as well and that was removed. What's funny is that it was left on the site for a while but was only noticed when I tried to request a site review. And then I complained that there were clearly other webmaster sites on there and then they were removed.
I think its cause many same niche forums don't want people leaving their forums for the same niche as the other site might have something better to offer I had a similar experience with of the forum I just don't remember the name of it. So its like a competition.
Admin forums not allowing other admin forums is plain stupid. Now, if you'd be a forum on a special niche such as for example a call of duty forum, then it's normal to have a restriction on such advertisement.

I think most owners who disallow such advertisements are more or less scared their audience will run away to a better forum.