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The Adventures of Todd: A School RPG (TAT:ASRPG)


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I'm currently working on a game called 'The Adventures of Todd: A School RPG'. What started as a simple, crappy idea back in August of 2016, has evolved into so much more, and became my passion. I've been working on the plot and making some soundtracks up until now, but the actual development will start once I finish some sprite sheets to use in the earlier levels. I have worked very hard in the past couple months molding this idea into a full plan for a game.

Nothing to see here yet!

*Old news: As I'm working on the tilesets, my Artist is working on making the first few characters spritesheets. We'll hopefully have something to show in the coming weeks, stay tuned!

TAT:ASRPG is a 4-part story of a young boy named Todd, as he survives Kindergarten, Elementary school, Middle school, and High school, each divided into even more distinct acts, which correlate with the amount of years spent at each school. Kindergarten introduces you to Todd, and serves as the tutorial. Elementary school brings in Todd’s soon-to-be lifelong friend Alex, and starts off their wacky adventures in school. Middle school shakes things up and throws in romance, giving Todd a choice that will have varying outcomes in his story. High school focuses on the events leading up to, and the effects of Todd’s first breakup and the strain it puts on his friendship with Alex. It’s all fun and games until someone grows up.

Lot's of spoilers here, so don't open this if you don't want to be spoiled. If you don't care about being spoiled, go ahead and read this section anyway. You've been warned.

o Todd vs The Tutorial – Learn the basics of the game


o Todd vs The Ring – Little Pine Elementary School has a secret. When one of Todd's classmates is taken away and comes back traumatized, Todd wants to find out what happened to him. A new ally will join forces with Todd to uncover the school's secret and put a stop to it.

**Update: Changed the name of the first act from "The Mean Teacher" to "The Ring", and shifted the focus of the plot from the teacher to "The Ring", hence the name change.

o Todd vs The Toy Thief – All of Todd’s classmates’ toys are disappearing! Todd again joins forces with Alex to find the thief and return the toys.

o Todd vs The Game – For years, boys and girls have been playing a demented variation of the game tag where the girls hunt down the boys. Todd and Alex try to survive.

o Todd vs The Candy Cartel Pt 1 – Saved by this mysterious group and forced to help them, Todd does odd jobs, and eventually larger tasks, for the infamous Candy Cartel.

o Todd vs The Candy Cartel Pt 2 – After witnessing the Cartel do terrible things to the students in the school, Todd and Alex go after the leader of the Cartel to stop his reign of terror for good.


o Todd vs The Welcoming Party – Now in a new school, Todd and Alex find themselves meeting a mean bully who rules the school with an iron fist.

o Todd vs The Love Story – Todd meets the girls of his dreams. Wait, girls? Yes. Two girls, two very different personalities, and agendas. Who will Todd choose?

o Todd and The Showdown – Fed up with Derek’s tyranny, Todd, Alex, and the newest addition to the team decide it’s time to defeat Derek and remove him from power.


o Todd vs The Monopoly – After struggling with school in the first few weeks, Todd hears rumors of a student selling homework and test answers to struggling students. After investigating more, Todd realizes it's someone from his past.

o Todd vs Derek’s Revenge – Derek makes a grand entrance and is hellbent on getting revenge on Todd. The ensuing conflict and chaos strains Todd’s relationship with Alex, and Nicole / Isabel.

o Todd’s Comeback – After reflecting on his mistakes, Todd continues his journey wiser than ever, and strives to make things right with the ones he wronged, and to settle the score with some old adversaries. This is Todd's finest moment.

*Old news: I edited the climax and resolution of the "Isabel/Nicole + Derek" story arc. My collaborators and I believe this change is the right move to make.

o Todd vs The Prom – After failing to get back with his old girlfriend, Todd tries desperately to find a date to the prom. The problem is, an evil exchange student stands in his way, stealing all the dates.

  • Todd Tomlin- The main protagonist, not much is known about him since he has no backstory, (He's only 5-6 y/o at the start of the game, he hasn't done much in the first few years of his life),Todd wants to figure out how he fits into the world, and requires the help of his friends (and a little player interaction ;) ) to figure it out. Todd specializes in Weapon and Speech (Speech = Magic) skills.
  • Alex Ashton- Todd's soon-to-be best friend, Wingman, and moral compass; Alex is a loyal firend, and he's ready to support Todd however he can. When he's not around helping Todd, However, Alex has his own relationships and conflicts that he's very secretive about, even to Todd. Alex specializes in Weapon and Wingman (Wingman = Ally/Support) skills.
  • Jose ... Juarez - His father is an infamous drug lord/crime boss, and Jose wants to be just like his old man. Drawing inspiration from Sun Tzu's "The Art Of War" and his father's example, Jose's only goal is to build an empire and a reputation that will be both feared and respected by all. When Todd foils his plans, Jose grows a hatred for him and seeks to retaliate.
  • Nicole Newman - Nicole went to the same Elementary school as Todd and Alex, but they never met. In Todd's fight against Jose, Nicole's friend was caught in the crossfire and badly injured. Because of this, Nicole opposes conflict and frowns upon it, causing Todd to try and change his ways to win her over. But what will happen when the truth comes out about their shared past? Nicole appeals to Todd's good nature, and determination to do what's right. Nicole specializes in Speech and Wingman (Speech = Magic, Wingman = Ally/Support) skills.
  • Isabel Ingram - Derek's Ex, Isabel left Derek when shortly after he became addicted to power and became the Bully we know now. Even though Isabel likes to get in trouble and things that would be considered "bad", she is strongly against hurting innocent student and classmates. But what happens when Derek finds her hanging out with Todd? Being as feisty as she is beautiful, Isabel appeals to Todd's mischievous side and his tendency to get in trouble. Isabel specializes in Speech and Wingman skills (Speech = Magic, Wingman = Ally/Support)
  • Derek Dickson - Isabel's Ex, Derek got dumped by Isabel shorty after he got his first taste of power, and became addicted, abusing it to a point where even Isabel wouldn't go. Ever since, he's built a mass of followers and his influence over his fellow classmates. However, When Todd threatens his Power, Influence, Reputation, and tries to get with his Ex, Derek becomes determined to ruin Todd's life in retaliation.
*Old news: I decided (for now) to remove Danielle from the "cast" of characters since I cannot think of a way to fit her into the story.

*Old news: I came up with surnames for the main cast and updated their bios/backstories.

*Old news: I moved Chelsea over to the sequel :|

And More!

Well, uh, this is embarrassing... There's no music at the moment!

- Voiced Dialogue (Tell me what you think of this, and if you'd like to help)
- Ridiculousness!
- Agency (Choices) at important events and dialogue
- Humor! Action! Romance!
- Little to no random encounters
- Unique characters!
- Side-Quests!
- Cheeky references!
- Mini-Map with objective waypoints so you don't get lost
- Lots of Easter Eggs!
- Exploration is encouraged in each open-world map
- 4th wall breaks!
- ...And more!

Please provide any question and feedback in the comments below, I'll answer anything about the game that is unclear.

And tell me if you'd be interested in helping with either art or Voice Acting! (See my thread in the 'Project Recruitment' section of the Forums!)

1/26/17 UPDATE:
  • I removed Danielle from the cast of Characters.
  • I have resumed working on the Dialogue and Details of the story
  • I have updated all of the Character Bios
  • I have recruited an artist to work on sprite sheets, although others are welcome to help with other art-related aspects of the game.
1/31/17 UPDATE:
  • I changed the climax/resolution of the main middle-high school story arc
  • My artist has started working on the first spritesheets for TAT:ASRPG
  • I believe I have found a new voice actor to voice either Nicole or Isabel
  • I recruited my (little) sister to voice most of the female characters in the Elementary School levels
  • I nearly completed all the dialogue up to the middle of the Middle School storyline
2/18/17 UPDATE:
  • I gave surnames to all of the main cast of characters, and updated their bios/backstories
  • I started making the tilesets myself, while my artist continues to work on the character sprites
  • I finished planning out all of Middle and High school, now I just have to finish writing the script/dialogue for them
  • I decided to go back and revert the Elementary storyline back to my original plan, which goes like: 'The Mean Teacher > The Toy Thief > The Game > The Candy Cartel Pt 1+2' (where left to right is first to last chronologically)
  • Started planning for sequels, but I'll make a Thread in 'Theory and Development' to get feedback first
3/7/17 UPDATE:
  • Still waiting on the art...
  • Added/planned tons of new Easter Eggs and references
  • Started planning the maps
  • Still working on the tilesets...
  • I should start making the maps in RPG Maker MV once I finish planning the maps and making the tilesets
3/27/17 UPDATE:
  • Finished planning out the maps!!! (Made in MS Office Excel)
  • Still working on the tilesets...
  • Planned out all the main story missions based on my plot outline
  • Still waiting on the character art...
  • Once the tilesets are done, I'll get started on making the maps in MV ASAP
  • Finally, soon I'll start writing on the script (again :| ). Once I finish, I'll be ready for voice actors to start recording (Yay! :) )
4/11/2017 UPDATE:
  • Finished the script for the Tutorial lol!
  • I'm going to start recording the lines for the Tutorial...
  • and writing the script for the first part of Elementary School soon.
  • I'm going to start designing the title screen soon as well...
  • On a side note, I've created a Facebook page and a Twitter page for my studio. I don't have any posts yet, but follow both to be notified when I do post something!
  • Over the summer I'll have a lot more updates because I'm going to be working on the game a lot more, and my artist will be able to finish more art, quicker, over the summer too
  • We're on our way!
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4/22/17 UPDATE:

  • Finished half of the script for Part 1, Act 1, "The Mean Teacher" (Name changed to "The Ring")
  • Re-planned/wrote the first 3 Acts of Part 1 (Elementary school- Act 1: The Ring, Act 2: The Toy Thief, Act 3: The Game)
  • As a result of my changes to the first three chapters, I've devised new ways to connect plot points and characters to different parts of the game, and no more plot holes! Everything has an explanation, whether it's emphasized in the plot, or left to the player to figure out ;)
  • Bought a new mic!!! Now, once I've written more of the script, I'll start recording in the coming weeks; And any of you on here that volunteered to be voice actors for me might finally have some stuff to do lol
  • Still waiting on the character art...
  • I keep forgetting that I still have to make the tilesets! oh no! I might just have to get someone else to do it while I write the script... We'll see.
Wow! It's been a while since my last Update, but here's another:

5/16/17 UPDATE:

  • Finished writing the script for Part 1 of Elementary school: "The Ring" (2/13 parts done... oh boy...)
  • Came up with a few more jokes to add later in the game
  • Devised a few "shortcuts" for players on their second, third, fourth, etc, playthroughs
  • Voiced a few lines for Kindergarten and Part 1 of Elementary school: "The Ring"
  • Realized that my phone, apparently, records audio at a better quality than the mic I bought... Weird...
  • Still waiting on art from my artist... *sigh*... He'll be more productive once school lets out... but for now, not so much...
  • I'm currently looking into online character generators so that i can hurry things along and get something on the table in the way of art... If I find something I can use, I'll post pictures as soon as possible.
  • And that's it really... It's not much, but hey, I was busy with my final exams and I'm ready to be productive again! (Yay!)
5/18/17 UPDATE:
  • I'm making progress on part 1.2 of the script. I just started, and already finished the first few missions. Stay tuned voice actors ;)
  • So... I uh... Realized when trying to show my songs to a friend, that uh... they got deleted. Probably because I was inactive on my account for a while... Oh well, time to find new songs I guess...
  • Oh, I also got the idea to layer a guitar sound to the already electronic tracks. The same friend referenced in the previous bullet volunteered to help do that. Once we come up with something, I'll share it in the Art and Sound thread to see what you guys think.
  • Th-th-that's all folks!
7/12/17 UPDATE:
  • I've been REEEAAALYYY busy with a school club project/competition these past two months, but I'm back!
  • Although there's been no new progress on the script...
  • I've been working on the Tile sets finally!!! I have some basic floors, walls, lockers, and "ceiling" tiles for the high school map, with much more to come soon!
  • And that's it! No additions to the script, and I started the Tilesets. More to come soon! Stay tuned!
  • EDIT: Just moments before writing this, I just got the idea to use a mix of different-sized sprites for the characters! i.e. Small kids will be the standard, default chibi sized characters, and adults/high school students will be 2x the standard size, with middle schoolers in the middle!
7/21/17 UPDATE:
  • I'm like, 99.9% done with the script for Act 1.2, The Toy Thief.
  • I made a few very minor changes to the script of Act 1.2
  • I decided to have different sizes of characters for each age group. Kids are 1 tile tall, teens and adults are twice as tall, and tweens (Middle School kids) are in the middle.
  • I started template files for each size, which hopefully I'll be able to modify for any character I make.
  • And finally, I've decided to extend the demo, making it from kindergarten to Act 1.3, "The Game". I hope to finish and release the demo before the end of the school year.

9/9/17 Update:
  • 1.5 months later...
  • I've decided to further extend the demo to encompass all of Act 1, Elementary School.
  • I Just finished the script for Act 1.3, The Game. I hope to finish the script for at leasst the rest of elementary school by the end of 2017 (Then again, since when has anything gone according to plan?)
  • Due to FBLA and my senior year game design class, I now have a team with a total of 6 people helping me. (Yay!)
  • My 'composer' is learning new music software, so hopefully I'll have some good music for the game
  • My new artist has finished the top-down sprites for (Child) Todd, (Child) Alex, and a teacher. He's now working on a few of the NPC's for Kindergarten.
  • I had an idea for both the demo and full-game story trailers, so I'll get to work on those once we start actually making the game itself.
  • And finally, I think I've decided to cancel my plans for voice acting... One, I don't have the proper equipment to record quality sound files, It's too difficult to coordinate with my fellow classmates to voice lines, and finally, there's just so much dialogue I'd have to get voice acting for, and I'm always changing the script.
  • TL;DR, No more voice acting, finally have some art assets, finished the script for Act 1.3, and I'll make trailers for both the demo and full game.
[doublepost=1511909295,1504994602][/doublepost]11/28/17 Update:
  • Another 1.5 months later...
  • I finished a DEMO (aka kindergarten, aka the tutorial level) FOR THE GAME!!! WOOOO!! I'll upload it to the 'Demos and Testing' area! Check it out!
  • I finished the draft of the script for Act 1.4, The Candy Cartel Part 4! Part 5 will be delayed until I get closer to finishing Act 1.3
  • My "Script Editor" is hard at work revising and editing the individual scripts for part 1!
  • My composer informed me he'll have free time soon, so music will be well under way then!
  • My character artist at school finished making all of the characters all the way through ACT 1.2, and most of the characters for Act 1.3 and 1.4.
  • My Tileset Artist is making tons of tiles for part 1! There's enough for me to start development with!
  • My concept artist just came up with room layouts for major locations in Part 1!
  • And finally, I'm currently working on the map(s) for Part 1, updating the main tileset and asssigning new tiles to my Tileset Artist as I go.
  • Once I have the first few bare-bones maps, and the script for Act 1.1 is finalized, the actual development of TAT:ASRPG can commence!
  • TL;DR, FINISHED A DEMO! WOOO! Finished act 1.4 script, revising previous scripts, finished character sprites for Acts 1.1 - 1.3, working on the maps.
[doublepost=1532719337][/doublepost]7/27/18 Update:
  • Project Cancelled