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The Sacred Runes

Alex Skie


Legend speaks of the mighty ancients. And how they carved secrets of creation within the oldest stones.

They say the stones were placed far across the 5 kingdoms in hope that one day, the heart of man would be pure enough to be trusted with the secrets of the gods.

You play as one of four classes and one of five races.

After creating your hero an epic quest begins. Bringing you across the 5 kingdoms, mastering the Runes of Old and saving the land from the evils of oblivion.

  • Event Creator (2/5)
  • Cut Scene Creator (0/1)
  • Item/Weapon Creator (1/2)
  • Plugin Coder (0/2)
  • General Graphic Artist (1/2)
  • Writer (2)
  • Script Consultant (0)
  • Beta Tester (0)