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Theonean-the studying-hardworking-mapmaker


Wow thats one hell of a title.
Alright so to start off: im 17 live in Switzerland and will not disclose further private details :p(sorry for all the people stalking me)
However: I thouroughly enjoy using RPGmaker MV and love to make maps,learn to use the gui and maybe even one day learn to script(not yet though)
my passions are: Learning new stuff, and RPGmaker since 3 days
I have been working on my own Map(and my friends) game for 3 days now and i just love RPGmaker.
I love getting cool tips about how to make stories and maybe even some noob tips on scripting(ain't gonna say no to some free tips aight')


Resident Dragon
Welcome to the forums @Theonean!

Glad to see another new face in this ever growing community. If you ever need any help, feel free to ask. Remember that the only silly question is the one never asked. :)

Looking forward to your contributions! :D