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Time Crisis type Gameplay in RPG Maker MV

David FoxFire

With some recent plug-ins coming from Yanfly, I had an idea about a RPG Maker (Using MV) that I might be curious about making. It concerns making a combination of a Zelda-like game with a clicker-like shooter game.

The basic premise is that you move your character around with the directional keys, using whatever action button requied and all that. But instead of standard combat, the main character has a gun, and you can aim that gun with your mouse on the screen and shoot at bad guys by clicking. There will of course be obstacles and safe spaces where you can hide and reload your gun (Much like in Time Crisis) which can easily be done with region IDs.

But what about the shooting at bad guys with the mouse thing? Is there anyone who tried that already?

Thanks in advance.


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If you haven't already I suggest a good place to start is with an ABS system:


The successor to QMV is Alpha ABS: