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Tint Screen cause extremely lags on Android

So i have a game availble for Android devices. The game runs smoothly until Tint Screen command is activated.
I don't know why but whenever i try to tint screen the game, the game suddenly get extremely lags, almost unplayable. I Googled it and searched some answers but non of them were right in my case. I'd love to know how to fix this problem. Guys, i need your help! :(


Android deployments by default use the software canvas (as far as I know); tint screen is rather expensive in software so it's not surprise that it tanks the frame-rate.

If you have experience with Android app development, you should be able to enable WebGL rendering on the WebView class with the OS WebView client on Android Lollipop and above. If you don't understand any of that, then unfortunately you're out of luck.

Maybe someone could write a faster canvas tint plugin, that's if MV is not already doing the fastest available tint operation.