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Use an enemy's skill against them?


So I'm working on a couple of interesting combat mechanics, one of which I'd like to explore involves a specific skill, similar in principle to Yanfly "syphon skill" system but instead of stealing a skill and adding it to the user it would present a list of the target's skills (perhaps with variable success based on the user's abilities) and then allow you to use one of those skills on the target once.

At a basic level you could essentially learn and unlearn the skill in the same turn, and as such the syphon mechanic work work fine, but I'd really like to give the player the choice of which skill to steal in that situation for the one off use.

It feels like the syphon skill will do most of what I need, with some tweaking, it's just generating that menu of available skills that may be the tricky bit.

Any thoughts on how to do this?